Monday, November 13, 2006


NOSTRA COSTA PEOPLE: I received the below posted message via the BLOG. Gino "Figlio D'Baffi" Campioni translated the message into English. The original Italian text appears below the translation. It appears that Corrado Poletti of Italia may be related to the famous Louis Poletti of Davenport.

Hey is years that I search to know how to reconnect with descendants of the rest of my family who emigrated to America at the beginning of the 1900s. Help me!!!

I shall indicate to you their story briefly:

In 1903 approximately, and in the years since then, the brothers (4) POLETTI of Condino (TN) Italy (but at that time it was Austria) departed for the United States in search of fortune. We speak of peasants and from what I know, the three took on the management of a ranch in the interior of California. One of them, however, went to work as a servant, perhaps in a hotel...maybe he was in charge of the wine cellar. Because of the stock market failure in New York in 1929 the three brothers on the ranch had no other choice than to sell all to recover enough funds to return to Italy. One of them (Achille), my great grandfather, became Kaiserjager (imperial rifleman) for the emperor Franz Josef of Austria...another moved to Switzerland (Maggia). Of the one who remained in the States I have little seems that at a certain point he opened a market of fruits and vegetables in the areas of Davenport perhaps..and that in the second world war he became a supplier of fruit and vegetables to the 5th army which liberated Europe from Nazi-Fascism. When my parents were wed circa 1966 someone of the family was still in contact with them,,, but from there we have no further contact.
The only data the remains to me is the name of a certain Sofia Poletti Costello (or Costella) of Davenport - Santa Cruz County and an address: Hollings Drive...many years have passed and I would like to restore the connections with the descendents of that brother of my great grandfather "ACHILLE POLETTI"

If someone can help me, he may write an E-mail, (better if it is in Italian) to the following address:

hei....gente.....sono anni che cerco di capire come posso fare a rintracciare i discendenti del resto della mia famiglia che è emigrata in America agli inizi del '900. Aiutatemi !!!Vi accenno brevemente la loro storia:Nel 1903 circa e negli anni di lì a poco i fratelli (4) POLETTI di Condino (TN) Italia (ma all'epoca Austria) sono partiti per gli Stati Uniti in cerca di fortuna. Si trattava di contadini e da quello che sò in tre hanno preso in gestione un Ranch nell'interno della California. Uno di loro invece è andato a lavorare come dipendente...forse in un albergo...e forse faceva il cantiniere (vino). A causa del crollo della borsa di New York del 1929 poi i tre fratelli del ranch non ebbero altro che da vendere tutto ricavare solo i soldi per tornare in Italia. Uno di loro (Achille), mio bis-nonno, diventa Kaiserjäger dell'Imperatore Franz Josef d'Austria...un'altro si trasferisce in Svizzera (Maggia).Di quello che rimase negli States ho poche notizie...sembra che ad un certo punto aprì un negozio di frutta e verdura dalle parti di Davenport forse..e che nella seconda guerra mondiale divenne fornitore di frutta e verdura della 5. Armata che liberò l'Europa dal nazi-fascismo. Quando i miei genitori si sposarono nel 1966 ca. qualcuno della famiglia era ancora in contatto con da lì non abbaimo più contatti.L'unico dato che mi è rimasto è il nome di una certa Sofia Poletti Costello (o Costella) di Davenport - santa Cruz County e un indirizzo: Hollings drive... sono passati tanti anni e mi piacerebbe riallacciare i contatti con i discendenti di quel fratello del mio Bis-nonno "ACHILLE POLETTI"Se qualcuno può aiutarmi mi può scrivere una mail...(meglio se in italiano) al seguente indirizzo: --Posted by Anonymous to lnostra-costa at 11/13/2006 02:21:14 AM


aldo penniman said...

Thanks so much... That's my Aunt "Sophie Poletti".. She is going to be very happy to read this..

You're a buon uomo!!


LNC: Glad to be of help Aldo. I always knew that the BLAGGA: was far reaching. What a great story. ivn0

Anonymous said...

Dear Aldo (Penniman)and Aunt Sophie.....can you contact me ?

diane strong said...

Hi Ivan! Interesting reading about the Poletti's.I thought I would tell you that Reno and Sofie Costello were our across-the-street neighbors (on Reed Way - bottom of Water Street hill) when I was growing up. What I remember the most is their orange cat who wore a little leather collar (I guess to ward off the birds). I always thought Sofie was BEAUTIFUL! As I recall, Reno was very tall and handsome - made a real impression on a 7-year-old! Nice memories revisited. Thanks.

thelma (Micossi) Gill said...

Ivano, Buon Giorno:

Yes, you are correct in your assumption. Corrado is seeking information on the Poletti family. In fact, the facts he describes are correct. Sophia Poletti married Reno Costella and does live where he says she lives. Sophia was at the Davenport Reunion Party a year ago September. I bet you didn't talk to her but I did. The Poletti's were so very nice to me and our family. Everybody loved them.

Take care, you are on a wonderful ride. I'm so pleased everything is going so good for you.

Con un bacin d'amor.


Anonymous said...

It seems that my dream is being come true… is felt very close to the contact directed with someone of the family of Mr. Reno and mrs. Sophie. Wold like to the Thank's Mrs. Thelma with the heart in hand. You are all wonderful ones and I do not see the hour to receive your personal news….also in Bye English… hugs and kisses from Italy
Send to:

aldo penniman said...

Thanks for everything...I have spoken to my Aunt about this..
I be talking to her more this afternoon..

Grazie ancora..


Carol (Costella) Swartz said...

We're on Bob Lemmon's Class of '57 e-newsletter and today he sent one that had Mrs. Fitzsimmons obit in it. I know she was a Costella -- related distantly? I don't know, but here is a bit out of the obituary that may be a lead for the guy (Corrado Poletti) looking for Sophia Costella. I know my father's sister was very friendly with Norma Costella, Vivian's sister. Maybe you can forward to Pennimans or Corrado in Italy to investigate. Carol

"Mrs. Fitzsimons is survived by her son, Michael Fitzsimons of South San
Francisco; sisters, Norma Lofberg of Santa Cruz, Vera Gallagher of San Jose,
and Jean McGowan of Kelseyville; two grandchildren, two nieces, and two
nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Edward Fitzsimons in 1963
and by her mother, Clementina Costella, in 1980."

Derrill Kerrick said...


Irene Penniman is 90 years old but incredibly sharp...her memory is amazing! She should be contacted regarding questions such as this. Penny (Warren...a.k.a. Aldo) should ask his mom about Sofia Poletti Costello(a?). Irene's maiden name was Costella.


Diane Strong said...

Hi! Is this a small world, or not? I recently mentioned Sophie Poletti Costella to you ....and WHO should I see at Macy's this morning?
You guessed it!
She looks wonderful and we had such a nice visit. She validated my memory of their orange cat and the red collar with a bell on it! ds

Corrado Poletti said...

Hei….I have understood well or you have met from Macy's Sophie Poletti Costello? Beautiful news would be indeed one. You could take contact with me directly to my e-mail? If you see again it it makes to know them that she does not have nothing of which worrying. That it told the names to me of its greats-grandfather, grandfathers, and parents… If instead it does not want to be disturbed… if you can fammelo otherwise know risk to only give to annoyance to a bag of persons… comprised She.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

LNC: In my archives I found this information re: the Poletti family included in an e-mail from Thelma (Micossi) Gill.

One of my thoughts lately as you are now focusing in on Davenport proper is that nothing has been said about Louis Poletti who owned and operated the Packing Shed in Davenport where the "ranceri" delivered their crops to take to market. Louis Poletti was a very good friend of the "ranceri" and influential because not only did he take care of getting their crops to market but also a financial advisor. Many of the "ranceri" went to him for "consiglie di finansa" e anche altre cose, come ha comprare parte nei ranci "su per la costa". One of your contacts could be his daughter who is still living, Sophia (Poletti) Costella. She lives in Santa Cruz at Pasatiempo, and actually she was at the Davenport Reunion last year. Her husband, Reno Costella, was a artichoke and sprout broker in Castroville. As a matter of fact you might have known him since you were involved.


LNC. Yes, I was re-miss in not mentioning the Poletti Family in the book. Hopefully, we are now remeding the situation on this Blagga. ivno

Prof. Corrado Poletti said...

Dear Mr. Ivano,

I am very happy to have met you. Your presence is for me the font of motivation for me to proceed with the research of my family history.

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for all which you have done for me up to now.

I have just received the book, "La Nostra Costa"...I am very emotionally touched. I am showing it to all the professors, my colleagues. I am proud of what you have sent me, and can't wait to be able to reciprocate. You will have my notice of it soon.

Ciao from Corrado

LNC: The above e-mail was translated from the original Italian by Gino "D'Baffi" Campioni
Buona Fortuna Corrado E Sempre Avanti. ivn0