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Hello Ivan
I am looking for photos of the Davenport jail taken between 1910 and 1945. We are trying to restore it to its original condition. That has become a small controversy because no one really knows what the original was like. It has been "repaired" many times. In particular we need a good photo of the door.
Could you send out an SOS to your contacts to see if anyone took a photo of the jail, maybe with Aunt Mary or little Gino standing in front of it. We can deduce quite a bit from even a snapshot.
Thank you

The article below article and the photo above was borrowed from the following website:

The Davenport Jail Museum

2 Davenport Avenue Davenport, CA 95017 Voice: (831) 429-1964
The Davenport Jail Museum is administered by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.
Hours: Weekends, 10 am - 2 pm, and by appointment.

Built in 1914, this two-cell county jail was used only once before being abandoned in 1936. Fifty years later it was given a new purpose when it was converted into a museum of North Coast history in 1987. Its intriguing permanent exhibition explores aspects of the North Coast story such as native settlements, the natural environment, major industries, early families, and community life. Davenport Jail is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The town of Davenport is 11 miles north of Santa Cruz on Highway 1. The Jail Museum is next to the Davenport Cash Store.
Santa Cruz Visual Arts
SPEAKING OF DAVENPORT HISTORY,ETC: Last Saturday, April 19, was the 62 Anniversary of Joe 'Pino' Brovia's ("The Davenport Destroyer') mighty homerun at Seal Stadium. In "La Nostra Costa" I write the following regarding the event:
".............Jim Sargent, in his excellent article on Pino, credits him with hitting the longest home run in the history of Seal Stadium.* Estimates had the ball traveling some 560 feet, up and over the center field wall. (Unknown to me at the time , Pino's "blast" occurred on my ninth birthday, April 19,1946.) Because of its significance, a star was place at the top of the wall marking the spot where the ball had left the stadium. After arriving in San Francisco circa 1958, Willie Mays, the legendary center fielder for the Giants, was alleged to have said of Pino's home run. "Hey, that's a five-dollar ride in a taxicab. (Five dollars took you a long way in 1958.)**
*Mr. Sargent's article,dated 9/1/2001, appeared on the website:
**"La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), page 120, copyrighted by Ivano Franco Comelli, and published by Authorhouse:


Anonymous said...

Buon Giorno Ivano:

I read the note that Alverda sent to you requesting pictures of the Davenport Jail. I would think that the Bellas’ would have pictures since the Ocean View Hotel was next door to the jail. Also, you might be in touch with the Gregory’s. I remember that Myrtle Garaventa’s father-in-law was the constable of Davenport and she probably would have had pictures. He used to lock people up there once in awhile.

Take care your “Blogga” is surrounding the globe.


Thelma (Micossi) Gill

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

I received the following e-mail from Rob (Comelli) McKeown:


I just happened upon your website and noticed that you have published a book about your family history.

I am wondering if in your research you happened upon any of my family, who were also Comelli's. I never met my Grandfather, Ferruccio (Ferry) Comelli. He was born in Fruili and I don't know much about him. I believe his father (or Uncle) was Batista Comelli. They emmigrated to Nova Scotia before WWII (1930's?), my mother Brenda Comelli was born in New Waterford Nova Scotia in 1945. He served in the Canadian Army, and I know he spent some time in WIndsor, Ontario (in the 50'sor 60's?), and some people believed he lived in Montreal thereafter (disppeared?). He had a brother named Joe Comelli who is still living in Windsor, Ontario, and a sister named Clorie Wylde Comelli who is in Sydeny, Nova Scotia.

If you happen to have any info on him or have any idea who might (I know it's a long shot!), it would much appreciated!

Rob McKeown

Dear Rob:

Comelli to McKeown: Wow! That's going some. Although I did hear from a Wagner Comelli from Brazil. Thanks for contacting me.

Unfortunately none of the names mentioned ring a bell. As you probably already know, the name Comelli is quite common in the Friuli Region. The name has also spread by Friulian Immigrants, through out the world. My cousin (deceased)in Austrila was named Joe Comelli(real name Guiseppe). His two sons and daughter and their family still live there.

Perhaps readers of the 'Blagga' will have some additional info for you.

BTW: I have a cousin named Ferruccio (Dri). He doesn't much like to be called "Ferry". He owns the Ramandolo Club, a bed and breakfast in Ramandolo. For fun, you might want to google it on the Web. Let's keep in touch. ivano