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Lena (age 18) with Bronco Comelli at his going back to Italy party on the Marina Ranch, 'su per la costa', c. 1931. The man smiling behind the accordion is Cuneo Viviani, Lena's future husband. (Photo courtesy of Tony Franceschini)

As I write in 'La Nostra Costa':

"Circa 1940, the Viviani Family took over management of inn. Lena and Cuneo Viviani, along with their daugher Dolores and son Eddie lived at the Laguna Inn." (LNC: p.232)


The following Remembrance was published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Lena (Lee) Loezius

Lena Loezius was born on June 1, 1913 in Camby Oregon, the daughter of her Italian parents Edwardo & Menna Stefani who migrated from Lucca, Italy. The family set out moving from Oregon traveling with all 5 siblings at a young age in the mid 20's, settling on the North Coast near Davenport. After the birth of her two children she and her husband, Cuneo Viviani operated the Laguna Inn where it was a place known for so many family, friends and dignitaries to spend time enjoying the outdoors in the picnic grove socializing, eating wonderful food, dancing, playing games and having a marvelous time.
She loved animals and had many. Her adorable kitten Muffin is now with her daughter continuing to being loved and spoiled. When she entered the nursing facility, Muffin would visit frequently which made her happy. She raised a black bird from birth after falling out of its nest. It was never confined to a cage. It flew freely in and out of the Laguna Inn and out to the park and picnic area, but always returned to the loving arms of Lena. She was an avid golfer winning many tournaments while residing on the East Coast. She was an artist in food preparation, working at the Colonial Inn and Loma Linda restaurants for her brother Don Stefani, and then Aptos Seascape where she was loved by all of her employers and coworkers. Her love for music and dancing continued until she was confined to a wheel chair. She was a resident of the Driftwood Healthcare Center for several years with Pat Byrne as the Administrator, including a staff that became like family to her and her children.
She is survived by her loving daughter, Dee Murray and partner Bob Clark, son Eddie Viviani and wife Sandi, sister Nelli Stagi, brother Don Stefani and wife Sandi, Leo Stefani and wife Eva, grandchildren, Linda Lippi and husband John, and Michael Viviani, Christina Viviani, 5 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild, her special nieces Teresa Darling, Nilda Salano, Gloria Campos and Antonette De Amico and nephew George Mungai, and their spouses, as well as numerous other nieces and nephews and other family members and friends. She was deceased by her loving sister, Mamie Bertolli and brother Fred Stefani.
A visitation will be held on Thursday June 26, 2008, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Benito & Azzaro Pacific Gardens Chapel, 1050 Cayuga St. Santa Cruz, Ca. The funeral will be held on Friday June 27, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. at Benito & Azzaro Pacific Gardens Chapel. Memorial donations may be made to the charity of your choice.
We will miss you so much Mama. The guardian angels are in heaven waiting for you with open arms to share your love.
Published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel on 6/24/2008.

I am certain that by now Lena has been safely guided across "Il Ultimo Ponte" to join her relatives and 'amici" who have gone before her. As you know in "La Nostra Costa" (last chapter), I describe how once over "Il Ponte" all are transformed to being young as they once were. Perhaps on the other side of "Il Ponte" Lena will also find the Laguna Inn, appearing as it once was 'su per la costa". Imagine Lena and all those 'Amici della Costa' listening to "I Cantatori di Laguna" once again singing "Quel Mazzolin di Fiori" in the picnic grove behind the Inn. 'O che bella cosa'. ivn0


LaNorma said...

Un altra donna della costa e andata sul ponte al di’la.

As you might already know, Lena Viviani Loezius passed away.

Rosary – Thurs nite and funeral Fri morning.

Another great lady su per la costa – memories of Laguna and all those

BBQs and dances ………..onward we go.

Thanks for reacknowledging all the names that Gino started on the Blogga

Be in touch.

La Norma

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

"Stopping in front of the Laguna Inn building, Reno and I paused and then, as if the walls of the old building were beckoning to us, we broke out singing, first in a very high voice,"Quel mazzolin di fiori.." and the in a loud basso, "..che vien dalla montagna."
Of course, our singing could never do justice to those Italian singers of the past. Yet, perhaps wishing just for a moment that someone did hear us, we listened for their voices, in the hope that they would join us for one final refrain. Alas! Only the wistful sound of the wind blowing over the flats of Laguna could be heard. Sadly, we resigned ourselves to the reality of the present: I cantatori di Laguna. no cantan mai piu. The singers of Laguna will never sing again."

-La Nostra Costa (Our Coast)pages 238-39- copyrighted 2006 and published by Authorhouse: www.authorhouse.com

Reno Cantarutti said...

IVANO: Just happen to catch the program EYE ON THE BAY , on channel 5
at seven o'clock , last night; they had this travel trip . I was surprised (or shocked)when the host said the first town they would
visit would be DAVENPORT, of all the stops . Then my next surprise was when he interviewed , ALVERDA (Orlando) in front of the (Davenport) jail , regarding the towns histroy, the cement plant , etc. . WOW! I just couldn't believe it .

From there my next surprise was when they went to, of all places , good old FORT ORD .

When I saw the old barracks, where I stayed during my traing there (56 years ago) , I had a few tears in my eyes.

The host's father must be my age because he said that he also trained there.
Anyway it was a very surprising program (at least to me). RENO

Ivano said...

Reno: It's great when these programs 'pop up' from time on the local TV Channels. Sometime back I suggested to Alverda (Orlando) that we do a travel log tv program for 'La Costa'. We could visit all those old haunts 'su per la costa' including the Laguna Inn, where a couple years back, you and I, sang "Quel Mazzolin d'Fiore". Unfortunately only your lovely wife "Franca" seated in the back seat of our car was the only audience. ivno