Thursday, November 27, 2008



IVANO SAYS: The above photo was sent to me by Donna Rodoni. I can identify the following people in the photo: On the left side starting from nearest to camera: Elio Rodoni, Julio Rinaldi,
Roberto Degli Esposti, Fabby Degli Esposti, Mario Rodoni and Jeannie Rodoni. At the far end on the right side: Vanda Degli Esposti. I need some help with the rest on the right side.

Thanks to my "blaggatori" (see comments) the right side of the table has been ID as: Vanda, then Sallie Rinaldi Barilati, Barbara Barilati, Rico Barilati, Sandra Rogers and Alma Rinaldi Rogers.


* As written in Gino Campioni's Itanglish Dictionary


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. The unidentified in the Rodoni picture from Vanda D-E forward are Sallie (Rinaldi) Barilati, Barbara (child), Rico Barilati, Sandra Rogers and Alma (Rinaldi) Rogers. Donna Rodoni

Anonymous said...


Vanda Degli-Esposti at end of table, along with Sally(Rinaldi), daughter, and husband Rico Barilati,Sandy Rogers with her mom Alma (rinaldi), guess that Dante & Luigi were at this end of the table, along with Pete & Rina Rinaldi, and Andreina must have been in the kitchen still cooking, Vanda must have been resting and enjoying the food, till it was her turn to take over in the kitchen.

I'd come across this picture awhile back and sent it to Donna and i thought along to you, sure nic e to see all those faces at such Happy Times many years ago.

Roberto & Deanna

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Received the below e-mail from LaNorma:


What a great foto of the Rodoni clan. Thx for sharing. Brings back many

Memories as we did a lot with these people – the Pete Rinaldi’s etc. I am

Sure that someone has already answered you with the people on the right

Side after Vanda – it is Sally Rinaldi Barilati, her little girl and then her husband

Enrico Barilati – after that is Sandy Rogers (Alma’s little girl) and Alma Rinaldi Rogers.

Have been thinking of you and talking a lot about LaNostraCosta lately. Have been in Communication with Derrill (Kerrick) quite a bit – the class reunion and then working on the memory Book for 8 or 9 weeks – it has been a full time job especially for Al. Now it is done and mailed

To everyone (book was 225 pages!)

Also last Sunday Al’s sister and brother-in-law were here from Nebraska (there for 9 years and
Originally from Palm Springs). We did the tourist thing as the weather was gorgeous. We took
Them up the coast (su per la costa) and talked about all the places and Davenport, etc etc. We
Went all the way to Cascade and turned around. I talked about the book and when we got back
Al showed it to them. They both read it – she first and then John (bother-in-law) read it in two days.

He finished it just before they left – they both were delighted as they knew the places mentioned in=
The book as we had told them all the landmarks, etc. They loved your book!!!!

Well “Epi Tankisgivi” – be in touch soon – LaNorma

Ivano says: Thanks Norma. A tour of La Costa adds a whole lot of meaning to the book. Happy Thanksgiving to you an Al.