Friday, June 12, 2009


IVANO SAYS: In "La Nostra Costa" (P.237) I write: :It seemed to me (I was two or three years younger than they were), that those Davenport kids were nothing but a bunch of ruffians. I always thought that they went around with a chip on their shoulders........." Although I didn't mention him by name, Richard Stefani was one of those "ruffians". In the following paragraph I continue to write about these 'ruffians': "Fortunately, most of these ruffians, grew out of their stage of rowdiness, and did not become serious wrongdoers............"

As the Remembrance published in the Santa Cruz Sentinels
indicates Richard successfully shed his "ruffian" image and went on with his life in a meaningful and productive manner.

Addio Richard . Until we meet again across "Il Ultimo Ponte".

Richard John Stefani

Richard John Stefani passed away on June 7, 2009 in Santa Cruz, Ca. Richard was born on June 7, 1932 to Ezio Italo and Julia Stefani. He was raised in Santa Cruz, although he lived in Grants Pass, Oregon for 30 of his 77 years. Richard graduated from Santa Cruz High and worked as a Truck Driver for soft drinks and beer distributorships, as well as, a produce company. He also worked in logging during his time in OR.
Richard loved the outdoors, animals, camping, and fishing. He was a former member of the Marconi Club. He was predeceased by his parents, and his son, Richard. He is survived by his children: Mark Stefani, Janet Patrick McDonald, Norma Strite, and Eugene Stefani. He also leaves behind four grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren, and a dear friend, Georgia Magnabosco.
Arrangements are under the direction of Benito & Azzaro Pacific Gardens Chapel in Santa Cruz.


IVANO said...

Richard's father Italo, was better known "su per la costa" as "Piccino" (Little Guy). To distinquish him from another "Piccino" (Amerigo Presepi, "Il Bosso" of the Gulch Ranch)he was given the descriptive moniker, "Piccino di Davenport".

I also mention Richard's mother Julia, in "La Nostra Costa" p.292. Julia was the sister of Mathilda DeLucca, who was involved in the infamous accident at the Swanton Road and Coast Road intersection.

A few years back (at a Davenport/Coast Road Reunion), I had a conversation with Richard. I told him about my "ruffian" description in the book of the Davenport Boys. "That was about it", he answered. "We thought we were big stuff back then. Look at us now."

Well Richard, to me you guys were and still are "big stuff".

ROSA said...


Thank you for posting Richard's Remembrance; I must have missed it in the paper. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing.