Thursday, December 31, 2009


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IVANO SAYS: Remember my cousin Ferruccio Dri - proprietor and your genial host at the famous Ramandolo Club in Friuli: Well he sent me the top photo above and wanted me to post his Happy New Year message on the 'blagga.


Carissimi amici de la Nostra Costa

Vi faccio i miei piĆ¹ caldi Auguri di Buon Anno

Spero che il prossimo sia migliore di quello passato

Colgo l’occasione di inviarVi una mia foto fatta a Caserta prima della inaugurazione della Reggia di Caserta 28 Nov 2009

E del Gran Ballo dei Borboni che ho partecipato

Inoltre Mi Auguro di incontraVi personalmente in California

Auguroni a Tutti

Ferruccio e famiglia


IVANO SAYS (CONT'D): Loosely translated Ferruccio says "Happy New Year- 2010.

Dear friends of La Nostra Costa. I send you my warmest wishes for a most Happy New Year.

Let's all hope that the New Year will be better then the past year. I am sending you a photo that was taken at Casereta before the inauguration of the Royal Palace (?). There I participated in the Gran Dance of the Bourbons. (French Royal Family). Hopefully, I will meet all of you personally in California. Best wishes to all. Ferruccio and Family".




Nannette Morgan said...

Ed anche Loro! Buoni auguri!

Nannette Morgan

ANNA said...

Hi Ivano,

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family,

Tanti Auguri,


DIANNE B. said...

Happy New Year Ivan to you and your family.
Diane B.

carolina Cariola said...

Hi Ivano. Happy New Year to you and your family and all the wonderful people who visit your blogga famosa. Except for that Pat Polenta-head who simply is the nastiest person in the world. Here's wishing him worms in his underwear for the New Year.

F. John LaBarba e famiglia said...

All Our Best wishes in this new Year!

Pat Polentoni said...

Carrie!! And I thought you liked me! P/p

Canadian Furlan said...

Ivano and Famiglia wishing all of you a Very Happy 2010!! It was nice speaking to you the other day via the telephone Ivano. It's nice from time to time to hear the voice rather than the email messages, lets keep this Nostra Costa going strong. I have also communicated with your Cousin Ferruccio a number times via email, and my next visit in Friuli I will be paying Ferrucio a visit for sure. My Father always recalls Nimis and it's wonderful Ramandolo Wine.. only found in Nimis and produced in controlled quantities... as they say in Furlan Bon Nadal e Bon Prinzipi !!

Ciao e Mandi
From Doriano


Received this message from my cousin Ferruccio requesting that the e-mail he received from Mr. Lark Hunter be put on the 'blagga'. It seems that Mr. Hunter spent some of his military time at Tarcento which isn't to far from Nimis-Ramandolo in Friuli.
Sempre Avanti. ivno

Caro Ivano

Metti nel tuo Blog questo spezzato di storia di mr Lark Hunter che ricorda il suo periodo militare trascorso a Tarcento

Ed ora dopo tanti anni ritorna per assaggiare il Verduzzo (ora Ramandolo )

Cordialita ed ancora Buon Anno



Cc: Cobine vdZwan
Oggetto: The Future

Good afternoon Ferruccio, we have completed the holiday season of 2009 and must now get started with this new decade. We are on schedule with our visit to Ramandolo and Manzano, arriving early in the afternoon of January 13. I will send another email the day before we depart from Holland for Trieste. You might give me a phone no that we could call of any change in timing to be used as we travel.

My military assignment while in Tarcento was with the 350 Inf Regt Service Company, we were living in the Albergo Centrale, right under the Church bells. I worked in the Regimental post office. In the Albergo we had the Regimental Bar & Club, pretty fancy. In charge of this bar was a Sgt. Taylor, I am pretty sure of the name, he spoke very good Italian, had an Italian girl friend that I think he married and I believe that she was from Tarcento or very close. We also had a military police company in Tarcento and their main job was processing German prisoners of war, getting them ready to return home. I once had a book with many details of our company and it included some of the very young history of the company in the Tarcento area, I think they might have arrived in late 1945 or very early in 1946. This book and other items have disappeared during our 60 years of moving around the world, raising a family, but still maintaining our Friuli roots and a strong taste for the famous Verduzzo wine. Is it possible that one of the Dri family had a small bar up toward Nimis in the Autumn of 1946? Did Ramandolo exist in 1946?

I am sure we will have a visit to be well remembered, I will be carrying a digital camera to record all with good sound. It may well be the beginning of a long business relationship.

With best regards to all,

Lark Hunter

LARK said...

And I received this in reply to above from Lark.

Good evening, Ivano. A million thanks for adding me to your blogspot, I am not for sure what that is at this moment but it has to do with family and Friuli, both of these are very mportant to me. Not so many Northern Italians emigrated and even less Friulis, I think you are the first Friuli that I know of who emigrated away from Friuli. I will always wonder why until you tell me. I, today claim to be more than half Friuli, even tho I was born in the mountains of North Carolina of pretty pure Scottish ancestry. I married a young lady, after convincing 50-60 family members that I was a good man. She had a mother, Maria Visentin, daughter of tenant Farmers. who was "multi simpatico", she really believed that I was one of the most important people who came into her life. A beautiful lady, who I did convince to make one visit to America, which was more than she could have ever dreamed of. A very long, and very beautiful story, for later.

As you know, I depart Sunday for Friuli, during these travels I will do some looking, and I will learn more from Ferruccio, and I will be in touch again. I am very much into genealogy, I have my Fathers side back to 1740, I want to get into the Italian side of my family, it will start soon.

With best regards and Happy New Year, next week I will lift a small glass of grappe and salute the Family of Comelli.

Lark Hunter

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Lark: Welcome to the"blagga-train". I hope you enjoy your visit back to Ramandolo-Nimis.
I'm sure my cousin Ferruccio will be the perfect host.

If you have a chance to read my book, you will learn that many Furlani immigrated to various parts of the world during the early 1900's. After WWII a "second round" of immigrants left Friuli to escape the aftermath of the War. Sempre Avanti. ivn0

Canadian Furlan said...

This message of for Mr. Hunter.. welcome on board !! Unbelievable how many people are inter-connected with Friuli. Now Mr. Hunter from your email I see your wife is from Friuli and I assume the Tarcento area? WOW !! you mention the Verduzzo ... that is all my Father ever talks about is the Verduzzo and yes the famous Ramandolo !!! I wish to learn more about your military time in Tarcento. And your book regarding Tarcento during and after the WWII. That would be some interesting reading. Just for your information my Father and Mother were born in Friuli and immigrated to Canada in 1952. They saw quite a bit of action during the WWII, too much at times. I look forward to seeing your comments on the blogg. Welcome again