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Ivano says: Andrew (above) is the Great-Grandson of my parents, Bronco and Valentina, Grandson to my brother Giovanni Primo (John) and his wife Donna, and son of my niece Christine Roubal and her husband Louie. Therefore (if you are able to figure all this out), I am proud to announce that he his my Great-Nephew. This is quite an accomplishment for this young man who just was graduated from University of California - Fullerton in June 2009.

Congratulations , Andrew. Your Aunt Mildred and I are planning to come see you and the rest of the cast 0n May 29. Maybe we can sneak back stage to see you. Sempre Avanti, your GREAT Uncle Ivan.


Ticket information: Sacramento Convention Center Box Office (916) 808-5181, press "O"

California Musical Theatre Box Office (916) 557-1999


Also if you wish further information on the Broadway National Touring Company and "A Chorus Line", go to: . Their Website carries the complete cast with bios and photos, plus history of the musical. You also can order tickets thru their website.


LaNORMA said...

Received the following e-mail from
Caro Ivano:
Thanks for the e-mail on Andrew – I had seen it in the Sentinel.
Sorry I haven’t been in touch and on blogga very much. Have quite
a bit going. But I do read and enjoy all the stuff. Patty says she talks To you on Facebook. Great.
I received your e-mail on the DalPortos. I do not know of anyone off hand that Would know about them but in the next week or so I will talk to Flora Anecito
And maybe she can suggest someone.

Still have to correspond with Gino – he is such a good writer and remembers

So much. Love his Italo-American dictionary. I refer to it often. I made a copy

For Flora. She loved it too. Wish she was on the computer because she and Lola Aliberti remember so much also.

Be in touch and let me know how the script is going. Hope to see you soon.

Ciao per ora – LaNorma (and Al too)

PS – congrats on your great nephew’s accomplishments!

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Thanks LaNorma: We are all very proud of Andrew. I have seen him in "action" at a couple of his performances at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. Of course I thought he was quite good. I'm anxious to him perform as "Mark" in this major production. Who knows I may turn my proposed Screen Play into a musical. He would be great as a young Bronco, singing and dancing "su per la costa". Sempre Avanti. Ivano

IVANO said...

The below article about Andrew appeared in the
Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Joining A Chorus Line'

Former Santa Cruz resident Andrew Roubal, 22, is currently performing in Houston as a member of the touring company of "A Chorus Line."

Roubal, a 2005 graduate of St. Francis Central Coast Catholic High School in Watsonville, graduated from Cal State Fullerton last spring with a bachelor's degree in musical theater. He appeared as The Tin Man in last summer's Cabrillo Stage production of "The Wizard of Oz" before moving to New York City to pursue a theater career.

"It's crazy," Roubal said recently. "It's like I was shot out of a cannon. This is what I've wanted to do my whole life, and now I perform for something like 2,500 people every night. It's a great experience to travel and do something you love as a job."

Roubal began studying dance when he was 3 years old. That led to a growing interest in theater and involvement in several local productions. Today, he's one of the youngest cast members in "A Chorus Line."

Roubal is the son of Lewis and Christine Roubal of Santa Cruz.

"A Chorus Line" comes to Northern California with a run at the Sacramento Community Center Theater May 19-30.
Got a story to tell, an event to report, an award to announce? Write to Stacey Vreeken at 1800 Green Hills Road, Suite 210, Scotts Valley, CA 95066 fax to 429-9620, e-mail to

Carolina Cariola said...

Oh my!! A Star is Born! And from Santa Cruz. How terrific. Congratulations Andrew. I'll try my best to come to Sacramento to see you perform. What a thrill that will be. Carrie

Saratoga Sam said...

Well done Andrew. I'll be looking forward to seeing you perform. SS

Anonymous said...

I happened to see the musical in Houston, Texas. I thought the entire cast was terrific.