Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Allegra and Albano Degano

Ivano "Mio Caro Amico"
Just wanted to share a little something with you. The photo above is of my parents Albano and Allegra during their 58th wedding anniversary celebrations on 26Feb2010. My Father Albano is 86 and my Mother Allegra 82. This joyeous event was celebrated just a few weekends ago.
Well my Father has not been doing well these past few months and yesterday after many weeks of demands and pushing the doctors I finally received some not so great news. My father will require surgery to repair a bad heart valve. He has been steadily retaining water since Christmas in his stomach and legs ... the medical team took a few weeks to determine what the root cause was. Well yesterday we were told. My father is presently in Hospital and somewhat resting. He hates the food. He asked my last night to bring some Proscuitto and some wine!! I said sure thing here you are weeks away from major surgery on your heart and you want Proscuitto and wine!! Typical Furlan !!
Any way I said to my Dad sempre avanti ... We carry on no matter what. This operation is necessary and it will be done and you will be back on your feet. My father is a tough person he still drives and is in good health otherwise. Now the big task is the preparation for surgery and most importantly the post surgery.

Ciao e Sempre Avanti





Ivano: My Father is not doing well. He had his Open Heart Surgery repairing a bad valve and 4 blockages on 23 March and everything with the surgery is good. However because of his prolonged heart failure it placed a huge task on his other main organs, liver and kidneys. I will keep you posted. He is in Intensive Care Unit of the Hamilton Ontario General Hospital. My Mother is taking it very hard. Pops is in his 87th year and is strong like a bull but this is really placing a huge task on his system ... the Doctors are doing all they can ...


LARK said...

Hello Doriano, many thanks for your copy. I do not carry Friulano genes but I AM Friulano by getting myself attached to the Godeassi family back in 1949 and the attachment is stronger than ever, for me. This attachment is not shared by the former Signorina Godeassi, as her most vivid memories go back to the thrties and forties, both being bad times for the civilian population that stayed in Italy while Mussolino was fighting wars, taking Fathers and brothers away from their families, and ect. I have read of some of the opposing armies actually had spears as much as 1.5 meters long. We have returned many times and I still do, Manzano, Cividale, Tarcento, and Friuli, are still very important to me.

During one of my visits, I ran on to a Dizionario Italiano-Friulano, compiled and written by Maria Tore Barbina, distributed by Centro Diffusione, Via dei Torriani 5,
Udine, (Tel no) 0432 204 074. A major problem today with the Furlans language is simply where to find aperson who can converse in same, I certainly cannot and my wife cannot. My in-laws did converse most of the time in Friulano but not when I was present. In any case I do use this dictionary often for words. Ivano Comelli uses a phrase "sempre avanti", which I like very much and I translate this as "always moving ahead", I use the Furlans words "simpri dena`nt.

Please forward as you have other names that might like obtaining the Furlans dizionari if it is still available, I have done no research up to now for sourcing it today.

Mandi e simpri dan`ant, Lark

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Ivano says: Doriano, thanks for the update on your father. Let's hope and pray that everything turns of well for your Dad (and your Mom).

BTW: Lark in his message above was referring to the following e-mail sent by Luigi da Furlan.

Hey everyone, via facebook I was told about this free online Furlan language course setup by the 'Fruili nel mondo' website. Sharing for those of us who may be interested in learning furlan but don't have any furlan speaking folks around.

Hope you like!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about Canadian Furlan's Father. I wish him a speedy recovery. Ivano,I enjoy your Blog especially
when its about Furlans.I am proud to be furlan,But I got to thinking. I don't know any Italian American furlans our age,Ivano,( born in the 30s or 40s)who married other furlans-except for a cousin who went to Italy to marry a furlan who then came to America.I only know one paesana who married an Italian (Sicilian).Almost all my cousins and paesans including myself married non-Italians.Is this a typical experience or is my experience an Exception? What does it say about us ? Fellow furlans ,your comments.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Dear Anonymous Furlan (above). I think the answer to your question is obvious. The girls of America found Furans so attractive that they made sure they captured one of us.
Seriously, I think that there were so few Furlana's available here in America (especially 'su per la costa').that we had to look elswhere. Also I think ( and this is especially true in my case)that the schools did a very good job in Ameicanizing us (and the American girls were so good looking) that we naturally wanted an American wife.
Anyway that's my thoughts on the subject. What about the rest of you 'figli di furlans'. What are your excuses. Sempre Avanti Ivano

carolina cariola said...

Hey! I was real Americanized. How come you guys never dated me? Carrie