Sunday, May 16, 2010


Joe Gemignani's (La Nostra Costa's 'Figlio di Ferro', Chapter 16) Granddaughter, Jenna, just yesterday got notice that she passed the bar exam!

Maybe she deserve to be on your "Su per la Costa" Blog. Here is a cute picture. By the way, I'm doubly proud to say that she is also my Granddaughter and Great Niece of my sister, Valentina.

Zia Lina.


IVANO SAYS: Congratulations Jenna. We of the "La Nostra Costa" family are all very, very proud of you. Imagine -- a lawyer and a beautiful one at that. And it's all in the family.
Yes, yes, Zia Lina, she is certainly deserving to be featured on our "Su per la Costa" Blog.
Sempre Avanti.


Anonymous said...

Avvocata? Incredibile! Gli avvocati non sono belli così!

Johnny Coltavita said...

WOW! Jenna you can defend me anytime. JC

ZIA LINA said...

Thanks Ivano,I knew you would do a good job with Jenna's aricle. Hope to see you Saturday in Sacramento to see our other genius (your brother's Grandson Andrew Roubal.) Jenna will be there too.Grazie mille! Zia Lina.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Passing the bar exam is quite the accomplishment. I know that Jenna will be a great 'avvocata' in the true 'su per la costa' spirit. Congratulations, Jenna and sempre avanti!

Mildred and I will be in Sacramento the following weekend, to see "Andrew the Great" as "Mark" in "A Chorous Line". So we will miss you all. Hope to see you soon. ivn0

Anonymous said...

As always,
Norma (Cantarutti) Reiter

ZIA LINA said...

Thank you Norma for the congratulations! Too bad that your mom and I don't have "One other life to live" We could do so much better in today's time. Hope your mom is OK, sultana tanto! Digli
che qui si tira avanti con la vita, no come dice Ivano" Sempre Avanti"!Ciao a tutti! Lina

NORMA said...

I will pass the message (above) onto my mother who soon will turn 98yrs. As you said
"Sempre Avanti"...
Ciao! Norma (Cantarutti) Reiter

NORMA said...

I will pass the message (above) onto my mother who soon will turn 98yrs. As you said
"Sempre Avanti"...
Ciao! Norma (Cantarutti) Reiter

JOANNE said...

Hi Ivano,

Thank you so much for posting Jenna's news on the blog and for mom (Zia Lina) sending that cute photo. Jenna is so happy and we are thrilled for her. She is actually attending her first mediation with Jan (her father) this morning. Who would have thought we would see that day!
Your Cousin Joanne (Jenna's Mom)


Thank you Joanne. Congratulations to everybody in your family. "Il Figlio di Ferro" would have been very, very proud. Sempre Avanti! ivn0

Carolina Cariola said...

Congratulatons Jenna. My what a beautiful young lady. You know I always dreamed to be a lawyer. Alas, it was not to be, although I'm still a great fan of 'Law and Order' (The Lawyer Part). Best wishes for a long and successful career. Carrie

GINO said...

I appreciate the picture of Jenna and wish her all the best in her career.
Saluti a tutti. Gino