Sunday, March 06, 2011


IVANO SAYS: My Grandson, Kristian
is proud to announce that 'Reno Di
Cisterna' has designed a brand new

THE 'OLD RANCERE SAYS: "If Kristian likes it, I like it!
Sempre Avanti


Mr. Kotter said...

Ivano "Mio Caro Amico Furlan" I like the T-Shirt. I think I will also design one however I will change the Italian Flag with our Furlan Flage and ... I will change the saying to "Eat Polenta That's Furlan"
I will design this and have a few printed up.
I do not know if I mentioned this but our Fogolar Furlan Niagara will be celebrating it's 40th Anniversary of foundation. We are having a celebration get together on April 3rd in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada from 1-5pm. I recently updated our logo with the notice of the 40th Anniversary. I will send you a copy Ivano, via email.
You will not believe how many T-Shirts are out there regarding sayings.. that are memorable... There is one of my favorites that was a classic, it was in the Godfather Part I... "Leave the Gun take the Cannoli".

Ciao e Mandi
The Canadian Furlan Doriano

DONNA M. said...

LOL!! That is too cute! I just may have to make some polenta today!


NANNETTE said...

I like this too! It's also Swiss, as well.

Ciao, Nannette

Anonymous said...

Cute one!



Oh Ya!! I want one of those. Where do I get one?????

Anonymous said...

If you are Furlan, you know polenta is great. But what about some of the other Furlan Dishes.
Frico,cjalsons,gubana,Gnocchi, proscuiutto di San Danielle ,brovada,jota.and on and on.I reccomend a book "Flavors of Friuli, A culinary journey through Northeastern Italy".Author- Elisabeth Antoine Crawford from San Francisco. (not a furlana-believe it or not)80 recipes with amazing photos .She divides the area into three groups =The Northern mountains (Carnia etc.)The Central plains and hills. The Southern Coastline( Trieste etc.)and has historical information as well as her travels in the area and the amazing people. It make one proud to be a Furlan and it makes me hungry.Book is available thru Amazon.Goes well with Polenta T Shirt.