Sunday, September 25, 2011


Photo below: Joanne Gemignani Swaney with husband Jan; daughter Jenna with fiancee Kent. Lido Gemignani and his two children are starring over the "shavola.

Dino Gemignani and family: Wife Sheila, daughters Angela and Corrina.

IVANO SAYS: THE DAVENPORT NORTH COAST REUNION 2011 was a great success. Over 230 people attended. I want to thank everyone who was in attendance. Your the reason it was such a great success. Beautiful sunny day, great food and great friends = GREAT SUCCESS.

I realize that some of you do not do Facebook --so I have posted some sample photos taken at the event. Many more photos have been posted (and are still being posted) on the Davenport North Coast 2011 Facebook page.

Photo third from top. The "Old Rancere" presenting Alverda Orlando with her Life Achievement Award for preserving and promulgating Davenport North Coast History. Her two beautiful daughters stand at her side.

Fourth Photo from the top: Rosa Radicchi talking to a Greogory (not sure of first name.)

Fifth Photo from the top: Three "old" school mates: Marvin Del Chiaro, Ivan(0) Comelli and Jerry Mungai.

Sixth Photo from the top: Welcoming Committee: Tina, LaNorma, Steve and the "Old Rancere".

Bottom Photo: The "Old Rancere" and Mary Silva Tambellini.

Kristian says: Thanks Again for being there, everybody.

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