Saturday, July 14, 2012


Ivano says: The below Remembrance of Richard Burns first appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Richard Steven Burns
Sept. 11, 1926-July 9, 2012
Resident of Santa Cruz
Richard S. Burns passed away Monday evening July 9th of cancer. Richard was born 11 September 1926 in San Francisco to Stephen I Burns and Edith C (Majors) Burns. Richard was a strong high energy man that enjoyed hard work. In his early years he worked at Wrigley's Chewing Gum factory in Santa Cruz. While working at Wrigley's he watched some men drill a water well on his Grandfather's property and thought he could do the same. Being mechanically talented he built a drilling rig from scratch and started up a business which developed into D B Drilling where he dug water wells throughout the Santa Cruz mountains. He married Mildred Burke (Kinser) in 1956 and they worked together to buy several pieces of property and start a small apple farm up the Old San Jose Road. As deer gobbled up the apple trees they were replaced with fig trees which the deer didn't seem to like as much. Richard and Mildred did some extensive traveling until she passed away in 2003. Richard continued drilling wells until about a year ago when he developed a cancerous brain tumor. Richard loved his ranch, tending the fig orchard, raising a few chickens and peacocks and growing vegetables and flowers. Richard is survived by a long time friend and companion Angelina "Angie" Beltrami, a cousin Shawn Durden and several nieces and nephews from Mildred's side of the family.
Services will be held on Monday July16th at One PM at Benito and Azzaro Pacific Gardens Chapel, 1050 Cayuga Street, Santa Cruz, followed by burial at Oakwood Memorial Park, Paul Sweet Road. In lieu of flowers Richard would like you to make any contributions to Hospice of Santa Cruz and/or Visiting Angels.

Ivano says (Cont'd) Richard was a member of the well known Majors family who lived and worked "su per la costa" ("up the coast) of Santa Cruz.  Angie Beltrami his friend and companion, is the daughter of Battista and Serafina Beltrami who lived up the Coast for many years and operated a small bar and gas station called (Beltrami's) . In "La Nostra Costa" (Our Coast") I refer to it as "Serafina's" (LNC: Pages 221-230).

Addio Richard. Until we meet again across "Il Ultimo Ponte" (The Last Bridge").


Canadian Furlan said...

Mio Caro Amico Furlan !! Ivano how are you? Down here in the Niagara Region Canada we are going through a heat wave!! We have had no rain since May !! It is hot and crisp, over 90F the last few days. I love the heat except for the intense humidity that gets to me. It reminds of my growing years with no A/C or fans only open windows allowing more of that heat in. I wish to thank you for posting my photo with my brother, the one where we are standing in front of torrente Degano near Villa Santina Udine up in Alps. You posted this on Face Book, or as is better called Faccia Book amongst my Italian friends.I have received numerous complements. We are having a good summer, my Mother almost 85 had some bronchitis that required us to help her out with but the rest everything is good. I will give you a telephone call one day. I also called Reno left a message. But I will him again. We have to maintain this connection you started with your book La Nostra Costa.. this is what it's all about. I told so many people about the book, including Italians that are not from Friuli. They all agree that Italy has history and our families but we live much better here in North America no question. You know Ivano, even today many people I speak with in Italy - Friuli including my relatives they feel we are in a remote isolated tundra in North Amercia. Cold a lot of snow !! The people that are not familiar and have not taken the time to learn and inform themselves will always remain status quo. I am a firm believer and commend the immigrants, such as your father Bronco, and my father Albano who were able to see that the way of life in Italy was not right and immigrated out making a better life for them and their families. Lets face it the Italians that moved away 95% - 100% of them improved their quality of life beyond anyone's dreams. Ivano we will talk more. It's too bad we were not closer I would come over for an espresso and you and I would talk for hours.

Ciao e Mandi

Mauro Cerutti said...

Hello. It has been a surprise to find this page talking about some people I know. In fact I am an Italian relative... I explain later.
First of all I would like to witness Angie lots of condolences for the loss of Richard, even if it is already long time ago – but I was not aware.
Now, who I am? My Grandfather Tranquillo Cerutti, born in Sambughetto, Italy in 1908 was the brother of Serafina Cerutti Beltrami, also born in Sambughetto in 1904.
I was in Santa Cruz in 1986 and I met my Aunt Serafina, as well as Angie and Ebe. My Aunt Serafina showed me the places where she and Battista lived and I might recall it from the pictures I saw in the blog… How nice. I am not sure anymore but I think I met also Richard. Serafina and Angie also come to visit us in Italy 2 Years later. For Serafina was great to visit the tomb of her beloved brother, my Grandfather. She called him “al me car signur” (my dear lord).
In the meantime Serafina passed away in 1999 and I have lost the contact to Angie and if this will give me the occasion to get in touch with her again, it would be very nice. Especially my Mother Annamaria will be very happy, because Angie speaks good Italian and they can understand each other!!!
I leave this with you - maybe you can get us in touch. I am Mauro Cerutti, I work for Marriott in France (complicated geographical situation, right? ) and you can reach me at