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Ivano Franco Comelli This was certainly taken on one of the ranches "su per la costa" during my fathers' era. Tony Franceschini propably could tell you when and where this was taken. Unfortunately, he doesn't do "Facciabook". Hard to ID the people. Need an enlargement. Great Photo Diane
September 6 at 8:40am ·

  • Diane Bianconi McNiel Ok well I keep it up here and have to guess this is when my grandparents Terrini lived in Swanton in the Red House. Maybe someone else will know possibly Marvin Del Chiaro
    September 6 at 11:10am ·

  • Ivano Franco Comelli Diane. Need to bring the next ReUnion. Somebody there might be able to help.
    September 6 at 12:33pm ·

  • Ivano Franco Comelli Diane The man in the rear just to the left of the man standing with glass in hand may be my father.
    September 6 at 12:42pm ·

  • Marvin Del Chiaro You might want to check further, but I think it's Freddie Del Chiaro's baptism celebration; and I believe the man sitting on the car, far right side of photo, is my father, Lisandro (Cascio) Del Chiaro. His nickname was cascio (cheese) because he disliked cheese as a child. Sometimes he was also called "cascino", little cheese. Everyone on the coast went by a nickname, as Ivano mentioned in his book.
    September 6 at 12:51pm · · 2

  • Ivano Franco Comelli Thanks Marv. Do you have a location.//
    September 6 at 12:54pm ·

  • Diane Bianconi McNiel Thanks Marv and it would make sense that my Mom would have had those pictures I have others I am going to scan of groups but not so large at these groups
    September 6 at 2:29pm · · 1

  • Marvin Del Chiaro Ivano....sorry, no idea about location, but could be in la Siberia; Freddie's mom was a Lomardi, and they lived up there at one time. They no doubt would have hosted the gathering.
    September 6 at 4:56pm ·

  • Peter Pappas The guy in the front row all the way to the right squatting kinda looks like my grandfather Joe Dellamora Sr. when he had a full head of Curly hair. Hence the nickname, Curly. But then again, look at all that curly hair many of the guys had.
    September 6 at 5:04pm · · 1

  • Lindsay Greene McConnell I wonder if there are any Rodonis or Rinaldis in there.
    September 6 at 5:51pm · · 1

  • Ivano Franco Comelli Hei Lindsay, on the one I Posted, I think I spotted a Young Dante.
    September 7 at 9:11am · · 2

    Toni Paterni Schwab Marvin are you talking about Freddie Del Chairo who was married to Betty and Freddie's mom was Pia? If so my mom and Betty are cousins. Do you know my mom Helen Paterni? My grandmother was a Lomardi and she was married Leo Tambellini.
    September 7 at 10:45am · · 1

  • Ivano Franco Comelli Hei Toni. I think Marvin might be riding his "Choo-Choo" right now, but I believe that's who he is talking about. SA ivn0
    September 7 at 12:06pm ·

  • Patty Morelli I have seen this photo before....my mother, Evelyn Collins is in it along with her aunt and uncle Evelyn and Ali Bertacca and her grandmother Teresa Bertacca....all in front on the left. I think it was taken at the Lazarini Ranch, right Ivano?
    September 7 at 2:33pm · · 1

  • Marvin Del Chiaro Toni....yes, Betty is Freddie's widow, and his mom, Pia, was my aunt; the name Helen Paterni sounds familiar, but I don't think I know her; maybe by sight? What was your grandmother's (Lombardi's) first name? Freddie's dad (nickname Tripoli) and my dad were brothers.
    September 7 at 2:42pm · · 1

    Marvin Del Chiaro Patty....the Lazarini Ranch location sounds right; the Lazarini's claimed to be cousins of ours; my dad knew them well, and worked on a ranch in the Pescadero area before moving down to Davenport.
    September 7 at 2:45pm · · 1

  • Ivano Franco Comelli Thanks for the info Marvin "Choo-Choo" Del Chiaro, aka: DA Kernel.
    September 7 at 4:15pm · · 1

  • Patty Morelli Thanks, Marvin...between you and Ivano and Norma, we usually get the information right!

    September 7 at 5:14pm via · · 2

  • Toni Paterni Schwab Marvin, my grandmother's name was Josephine. Betty's grandfather, Bartolomeo and my mom's father, Leo were brothers.
    September 7 at 7:32pm · Edited · · 1

  • Lindsay Greene McConnell Marvin--are you related to Diana Petrolino?
    12 hours ago · · 1

  • Lindsay Greene McConnell Looking at all these names reminds me of my own Swiss-Italian family. Even though my grandmother came to Santa Cruz in 1937, her family actually came from Canton Ticino, Switzerland and settled in the San Luis Obispo/Cayucos area. I still have older relatives there. My grandmother's cousin just turned 107 and very healthy. Cousins who are 91 are still running a ranch in Cayucos. Must be the good wine and beef they raise! :)
    12 hours ago · · 1

  • Marvin Del Chiaro Lindsay......yes, Diana and I are first cousins; our fathers were brothers, the only two who came to the U.S. from Lucca (Monte San Quirico), Diana's dad, Giuseppe (Tripoli) Del Chiaro and my dad, Lisandro (Cascio) Del Chiaro. The both died in 1974.
    11 hours ago · · 1

  • Peter Pappas Marvin Del Chiaro, My grandfather, Joseph Dellamora Sr, came from Lucca sometime around 1900.
    9 hours ago · · 1

  • Marvin Del Chiaro Peter....yes, I think after a few from Lucca arrived here, the word got back to Lucca and literally scores must have applied; my dad arrived here in 1918. My maternal grandfather, John Ferrari, arrived in Calif. from Piedmont in 1903, first working in the woods around Weed, then to the SP shops in Oakland in 1905, to San Mateo by 1906, Santa Clara in 1910, to hog ranches in Butchertown in SF circa 1914, and finally to Davenport in 1920.
    6 hours ago · · 1

  • Peter Pappas Marvin Del Chiaro, Was John related to Dave Ferarri? Dave was my godfather. Your dad arrived the year my mom was born, 1918, when my grandparents lived in Bonny Doon.
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  • Ivano Franco Comelli Wow. Great Family History "FacciaPage" people. Keep it up.
    4 hours ago ·

  • IVANO SAYS:  AS YOU CAN SEE ABOVE, I'M TRYING SOMETHING KNEW.  I know that some of you do not do Facebook.  Accordingly you are missing out on some great historical photos and associated conversations with the "Facciabook" people of "La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), A Santa Cruz North Coast Journal, Facebook page. My good conscious could not let this happen, so I decided to share some of those photos and conversations with you on on the "Blagga".  Lets see what happens.  Sempre Avanti. Ivano.

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