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 Some of the photos seen here are mine, others have been submitted by "Friends and Families  of La Nostra Costa (Our Coast)".                                          

A. E. Morelli Artichoke packing shed.
C. 1930s .

Adalina Amalia Brovia, mother of of Matilda Brovia Delucca, who was the mother of Anthony, age 9 and Madonna (Donna) Delucca age 4 killed in a traffic accident (1947) at the intersection of Hwy One and Swanton Road, just north of Davenport. [291-292]
Adolph Hotel on Front Street Sant Cruz C. 1946.  [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), Chapter endnote No 24, page 75]
Amerigo Delucca in Sailor hat with Half Sister Norma Rocchi (Raffin) on Right. C.1930s. In 1947, Norma was murdered by her estranged husband Federicco Raffin; her half brother Amerigo was killed in auto accident, on Hwy 1 and Swanton Road. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) pages 290-293]
Anthony Delucca  Killed in Auto Accident - Hwy 1 and Swanton Road 1945. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) page 291]
Angelo Mungai (left) and Battista Lorenzi C.1950s, breaking ground for the new Santa Cruz Artichoke and Sprout Growers Building.  [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) page 248]
Betty and Alice Santos with Mother and Grandmother C.1940, Betty and Alice were the daughters of Don Santos who at one time delivered Milk to the Comelli household, "su per la costa". [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 19 and 24]
Old Black Joe Band 1931. The Band played at my fathers "returning to Italy" party, held on the Marina Ranch , "su per la costa".  [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 5-6]
Constatino "Augie" Gemignani C. 1990s. One of three Gemignani Bros. who were next door neighbors to the Comelli Family, "su per la costa". [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) page 176]
Maria and Gilbert Caiocca - Davenport C.1940s.  The Caiocca's owned the Davenport Bakery and later the Miramar Café (seen at the extreme right of photo). [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) page 111]
Dante, Rina and Anita Rodoni C. 1920s.  Dante (center) later married Anrdreina Rinaldi, and raised their Family on the Rodoni Ranch, located 3 miles north of Santa Cruz. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) page 202]
Joe Antonetti and Dr. A.E. Allegrini C. 1950s. Joe Antonetti was owner of the "Lucca - Joe and Joe" Bar and Café (also known as the "Lucca Lunch") in Santa Cruz. He was also part land owner of the "Gulch Ranch" located "su per la costa", 3 miles north of Santa Cruz. (La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 100-101] Dr. Allegrini was a prominent Santa Cruz Physician who happen to be the Comelli' Family Doctor. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) pages 167 and 171]
Fred and Alice Dimeo with Family C.1950 Fred was a prominent member of the "Figli Di Ferro" (Sons of Iron) Motorcycle Group who rode the Highways of Santa Cruz County) [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) pages 178-179].  Alice was Fred's First wife, who unfortunately passed away much too young.
Gregory's Davenport C.1940 .  Located in Davenport, this store-gasoline station was owned by Alvin and Francis Gregory.  (La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) page 352.
Lucca Lunch Bar C. late 1930s . Located on Front Street in Santa Cruz, this Bare/Café was owned by Joe Antonetti (La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) Pages 100-101]
Gervasio (Bronco) and Valentia Comelli, with sons Ivano and Giovanni C,1945 [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 6-7]

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Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Most of the above photos have been previously published on the "La Nostra Costa" Facebook page. There are many more mostly contributed by Friends of my Book "La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), published by Authorhouse [ ], in 2006.