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MANY OF THE PHOTOS BELOW ARE ASSOCIATED WITH MY BOOK "LA NOSTRA COSTA (OUR COAST), PUBLISHED IN 2006, BY AUTHORHOUSE PUBLISHERS   Some of the photos seen here are mine, others have been submitted by "Friends and Families  of La Nostra Costa (Our Coast)".


Pietro "Pete" Rinaldi, was the Foreman ('IL Bosso') of the Gulch Ranch in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  He gave Ivano Franco Comelli his first job at age 16.  Also his subsequent argument with Ivano's father, "Bronco" resulted in a dissolution of partnership ("Si fa l'parti") and the Comelli family having to leave the Gulch Ranch and setting out on their own. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 97-101]
John Battistini (seated left) with wife Angie (on the right), during a birthday celebration at Adolph's Restaurant in Santa Cruz [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), page 68 and 75], c.1970s. John owned the John Battistini Insurance Agency in Santa Cruz, and was instrumental, along with his wife, in helping many 'ranceri' with their insurance needs.  John also was an able translator and helped many coastal Italians with the filing of Government Paperwork, etc.. [LNC: Pages 259-260, and 266] 
A Fine Group of 'Coastal Italians" gathering for a Picnic at Laguna, c.1930. Laguna is located off of Highway One, some 5.5
miles north of Santa Cruz.  It was a favorite spot for holding BBQs and Picnics. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 231-244]

"Amici della Costa" (Friends of the Coast), photographed in front of Beltrami's (Serafina's) a Bar/Café/Gas Station located on the "Old Coast Road" some 5 miles north of Santa Cruz. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 221-230]  From left to right: Quinto Neri, Diana Dinelli, Dante Dinelli and Alvera Neri.  Looking pretty in front is Norma Dinelli. Photo taken c. 1947.
 The "Old Santa Cruz" Theatre, located on Walnut Street just east of Pacific, c. 1940. The Comelli Family and other Coastal Italians went here almost every weekend to watch a "double bill" which usually included a Western.  Theatre closed in 1955, after being severely damage by the Flood of that year. [Nostra Coast (Our Coast), pages 255-257]
Italian Benito Mussolini, marches on Rome in 1923, to take power and establish a Fascist dictatorship that would last twenty years.  His decision to enter WW II on the side of Germany, had dire consequences for the Comelli Family and other Coastal Italians. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) pages 25-33]
Nadine Fambrini,(2nd from the right) was the pretty little girl, who I enticed into a wine barrel with me when we were 4 or 5 years old.  This kind of "fun" was not approved of by her father, John Fambrini. [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 39-40] Also in photograph (l-r) Alice Dimeo, Margaret Fambrini, Nadine, and Theresa Dimeo Modina.
A replica of the old wall telephone that used to hang on the wall at the Cookhouse on the Gulch Ranch "su per la costa", c.1948. I can still see little Ivano Franco Comelli, climbing up on a chair, turning the crank on the side, and asking the operator "Time, please".  A marvelous invention.  [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), page 82-83]
Angie and Leonora Landino  were the daughters of John Landino. They were instrumental via Gloria Cerri and the newly installed telephone party line in keeping Ivano Franco Comelli current on the happenings "su per la costa".  [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), page  246]
Gloria Cerri with my brother John Comelli. This photo was taken c.1952 in back of Micossi's (later Facelli's) Restaurant in Santa Cruz. Gloria lived with her parents Albina and Tony Cerri, near the Lorenzi (now the Dellamora) Ranch, located on the "Old Coast Road" some 5 miles north of Santa Cruz.  [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 245-247]
The Cantarutti Brothers, Lido on the far left then Reno , spending time with the Comelli Brothers, Ivano on the far right and John, "Al Mare" (at the beach) in Santa Cruz, c. 1948.  [La Nostra Costa (Our Coast), pages 161-173]

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