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Ciao, Ivano

Last night I made this list of Italians living in or around Santa Cruz when we also lived there, or who served us in various ways. I include brief remembrances of some. Of several I can recall only the surname.

Perhaps in your further writings, you might recall significant things about some of them:

Allegretti. This couple had a son about my age, and lived in the Seabright district.
Allegrini, Aldo Elio Dr. Physician and surgeon with an office on Soquel Ave. and a home in Pasatiempo.(167)
Antonetti, Joe and wife Noemi lived near Holy Cross Church and had a daughter (Virginia) whose name I have forgotten.Owner-partner in the Gulch Ranch.(100)

Anzilotti, Alex "Sprouts": . He had a produce trucking company that went from Portland to Santa Cruz, the biggest at that time. He took on a partner and lost his share in a card game to his partner, Joe Antonetti, I think. He was a field buyer for John Ingalls frozen foods, we would go to Stockton or Salinas in the late 50's.
Anzilotti, Julia (Foster):  Daughter of Alex "Sprouts" Anzilotti. 
My name is David Raymond Brown (Auricchio) 
My family has been in Santa Cruz since before I was even a thought. 
It would be great to see the name Auricchio added. Today we are the Brown's, Bortz's , and Franco's.
We came here from Huntington island, Olean, and Buffalo NY. 
our family back in IT make cheese,
Auricchio provolone is most well known, we're all cooks. I said cooks not kooks, although a few of us have been given that label as well.
Thank you 

Bandoni, Armando, frequent visitor who drove an artichoke green colored Dodge coupe.
Bandini, Leo, worked his tail off for Pino Pyffer. Ivano used to see him working on his tractor, Sundays and Holidays. Didn't seem he ever took a day off.
Bardoni, Gina. Wife of Henry Costella. (See Costella, below.)
Bargiacchi, Giulio and Emma, parents of Donald Don graduated from SCHS in 1952 with John Comelli. (337)
Bargiacchi,Pietro and Ida, parents of Flora and Leo. (213)
Basso,Vittorio, Also known as Vittorio 'Del Belvedere'. John Comelli's Godfather (Confirmation). Furlan (355)
Battistini, John and Angie who helped many Italians with insurances.(259)
Bazzali, (given name forgotten) who cut and delivered firewood.
Bella,Charlie and Carmelina, owners of the Ocean View Hotel in Davenport. Famous for their 'Wild Game Feasts." (112)
Belli, a couple living on Toledo St. with a son Ennio.
Beltrami,Battista and Serafina, mother of Ebbe and Angie. Managed 'Beltrami's' a Bar/Cafe/Gasoline Station, mid-way between Davenport and Santa Cruz.(221)
Beltrami, Luigi was a partner with Herman Mortara in the grocery on Pacific Ave.
Benedetti, Eraldo and Emma, parents of Jeanette. Rancere on a farm just north of the Gulch Ranch. Jeanette attended Laurel School with Ivano. (273)
Bertacca,Teresa, Aunt to Patty Morelli. Co-Plaintiff in civil suit against the Portland Cement Plant in Davenport. (26)
Bertorelli, Nello who had a grocery at the corner of Younglove Ave. and Mission St.
Bianchi, an officer in Bank of America on Pacific Ave.
Bianco, Edorado and Mary. Parents of Florence Bianco Bell. Edorado ranched with brother-in-law Michaele Conrado in a place the Italiani della costa called "Siberia" (located in Swanton-'su per la costa').

Bianco, Florence (see above), went to school with Ivano. (324).
Bianconi.Guido and Irene,parents of Diane. Operated Bianconi Produce. Irene helped run resturant in family home in Swanton. Known as the Red House on Swanton Road it later was converted into the 'Seaside School' were Reno Cantarutti once attended
(355). The building still stands today.
Bianconi, Rosie and Tony, Grandparents to Diane (above). Lived on Laurel St. SC.

Binsacca,Sam, Esteemed Santa Cruz High School Teacher. Taught many Future Farmers 'su per la costa'. Father to Bob and Don. Don graduated from SCHS in 1955, with Ivano.
Boggero,Joe,Music Teacher and Piolet of Piper Family Cruiser. Thought accordion lessons.
Bosso,Lina, worked at Bosso Bros. Hardware at the foot of Mission St. before Costella and Caiocca acquired it.
Braida, G. and Marcellina, parents of Lina.
Bragazzi,Francesco (Carabiniere), Part owner and manager of the Hotel D'Italia in Davenport. At one time also managed the Laguna Inn. His stature,(he stood over 6'6"tall,and weighed well over 260 lbs.)and menacing looks made him the ideal 'peacemaker' for the bars he worked.  (107)
Bregante, Maureen, attended grade school with Gino
Bressani, Angelina,(Furlana) Mother of Valentina and Lina;grandmother to John and Ivano

Bucchi: Umberto and Derna . He had a share of the ranch for a short time in the 50s. They had two children, Roberto who worked for my Father at Lucca Lunch and later had his own bar. I believe it was called Gi Gi's. He had a sister who's name is Elvera.  Virginia Antonetti Silva

Comelli. Immigrate from Italy to the US circa 1955 at the age of 68. Died and was buried at Holy Cross Cemetary, Santa Cruz in 1980 at the age of 93. (3)(317)
Bressani,Lina, (Furlana)Nazi prisoner of war, war bride. Youngest sister of Valentina Comelli. Aunt to Ivano and John. Married Joe Gemignani in 1948. (187)(199)
Brovia, Pietro and Maria, parents of 'The Davenport Destroyer' Joe 'Pino' Brovia and his twin sister, Virgina, and younger sister Lena. Lived in Newtown (Davenport)and later in Santa Cruz (119)
Brovia,Joe, Pacific Coast League Baseball Hall of Famer. Played for the San Francisco Seals,Oakland Oaks,Portland Beavers and Sacramento Solons. Also played for the Cincinati Reds in the Majors.(119)
Busticchi, A member of Holy Cross High

Caiocca,Gilbert and Mary. Parents of William and Leo. Own and managed the Davenport Bakery and later the Mirmar Cafe in Davenport. (111)
Caiocca, Wm. a partner of Joe Costella in a hardware store on Mission St. and a TV & appliance store on Soquel Ave. (111)
Campioni,Gulielmo (Baffi) and Ada, parents of Gino 'Bobby'Campioni. Baffi,a rather eccentric rancere, was a partner on the Gulch Ranch with 'Bronco' Comelli. He loved his minestroni soup.(91)
Campioni,Gino "Bobby'. Son of 'Baffi' ed Ada. Famous author of the "Itanglish" Dictionary.
Capone,Alphonso (Al). Chicago Gangster (1920s 1930s). Associated 'su per la costa' with "Bootlegged booze". (5)

Cardoza, Zelma, wife or Raymond Fambrini
Carcello,Fred, Owner operator of Mission Pharmacy, cornor of Mission and Bay.
Carmarlinghi Family. Own and managed 'Adolphs' a popular Resturant and Bar in Santa Cruz. (75)
Cantarutti,Guido and Evelina,parents of Reno,Lido and Norma. Rancere on the Venturini Ranch 'su per la Costa'. During the War he moved his family to Richmond. Good friends of the Comelli Family. Furlans. (140)
Carnera, Primo (Furlan), Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World 1933-34. (90) Hero to 'Bronco' Comelli and other ranceri, 'su per la costa'.
Carniglia, Mary who prepared income tax returns for many Italians.
Cavalli,(Charlie and Prince) Two of the hardest working 'ranceri' on the Gulch Ranch. Unknown for sure if they were Italian. (71-74)
Ceragioli,Raymond and Zelda, parents of Rudy,Jim and Barbara. Lived on the Lorenzi Ranch then on Escalona Drive in Santa Cruz. Zelda was one of 6 Fistolera Sisters who were born and raised "su per la Costa": Inez,Lena,Nora,Vivian,Winnie,Zelda. (248)
Cerri,Tony and Albina. Parents of Gloria. Lived on the Lorenzi Ranch (245)
Cerri,Gloria. As a teenager she kept us informed as to the happenings 'su per la costa". Later married Sam Torrisi and moved to San Jose.(246)
Cecchini,Alma. A member of my grade school,later a teller at Bank of America on Mission St.
Chiorini,J.L.,Accountant,Mayor of Santa Cruz,c.1950.
Cimarelli,Luigi. Owner of a plumbing business in Santa Cruz.
Cirincione, Domenico. I'm not sure if he represented "L'Italia" newspaper or if he was the olive oil vender.
Cirrone, "il calzolaio" operated a shoe repair shop on Pacific Ave.
Comelli, Gervasio (Bronco) and Valentina (Furlans), parents of Giovanni and Ivano.(3)
Comelli, 'Garrasio', name assigned to Gervasio at Ellis Island in 1923.(4)
Comelli, Giovanni (John)and Donna, parents of Denise and Christine,elder brother to Ivano. Lived on the Gulch Ranch and in Santa Cruz. (7)
Comelli, Ivano Franco, Policeman, 'Famous' Author. (all)
Conrado, Michele and Caterina, parents to Attilio, John and Angela (also see Bianco, Edorado, above.)

Conrado, Paul*
Corno,Jimmy, mechanically enclined rancere who worked on the Gulch Ranch (67)
Costella, Amedeo operated The Workingman's Store on Front St.

Costella, Egidio and Lucia (Bertorelli). Grandparents to Bonnie and Carol Costella, etc. Father to John ( Carol's, Jacks's and Patricia's father) Malfada and Henry (Bonnie's and Betty's Father).
Tranquillo (Frank) brother to Egdio. Cement contractors, lived on Emeline St. Santa Cruz . Children: Reno, Adolfph, and Irene (Penniman)
Costella, Henry (see above). Married Gina Bardoni
Costella, Joe, partner with Wm. Caiocca in businesses.(111)

Grossi,Settimo and Inez (Fistolera). Parents of Lea. Had ranch just north of the Gulch.((252)

Dal Porto,Jimmy, Famous 'su per la costa' for playing his accordion at weddings,Laguna Picnics and major Italin Festivals. (235)
DeBenedetti,John (Jack),esteemed rancere and land owner 'su per la costa'. Son Jay graduated from SCHS in 1955 with Ivano. (54)
Del Chiaro, Lisandro and Effie, parents of Marvin and Dolores. Own a small farm on North-end of Santa Cruz. Marvin was Ivano's room mate at SJS. (273)
Degli Esposti, Luigi and Vanda, parents of Roberto and Fabrizio.(204)
Del Piero,Timo and Catharina, parents, of Rita,Aurura,and Richard. Good friends of the Comelli Family. Timo started farming 'su per la Costa' then moved to Castroville and finally to Watsonville where he farmed on an Apple Ranch near Pinto Lake. (Furlans)
Della Santina,Dominico (Lambari) and Nora (Fistolera). Parents to Louis,Ricco and Paul. A partner with Pina Micossi,managing the Mirmar Cafe in Davenport.(111)

DellaMora, Joseph 'Joey', beloved son of Steve and Anne (Freeman) DellaMora, Grandson of Joe DellaMora, died tragically in a drowning accident on the Family Ranch (The Old Lorenzi Property} "su per la costa" 7-21-2011, age 18.
DeLucca,Amerigo and Matilda (Brovia),parents to Marie, Anthony ,Dolores,and Madonna (Donna).
Entire family envolved in Traffic Accident with Fire Truck just north of Davenport. Amerigo,Anthony,and Madonna were killed. Others seriously injured. (291)
DiMaggio,Joe; New York Yankee Hall of Fame Baseball player. Hero to Joe Brovia and other youngsters growing up 'su per la costa'. (146)
Dimeo,Fred. Original member of the "Figli di Ferro" . Good Friend to Joe Gemignani. Dimeo Lane 'su per la costa' bears his family name. (178) (184-5)
Dinelli,Dante and Diana, parents of Norma. Ranceri on the Lorenzi Ranch,off the Coast Rd., 5mi north of Santa Cruz.(249)

Dogliotti, Bartolomeo "Pete" and Maria, parents of Attilio Joseph. Attilio lost his life while serving as a Flight Lieutenant in WW II.
Dughi,Silvio and Catherina, parents of Guiliano. Worked for the Salz Tannery in Santa Cruz.
Facelli,Lou,owner operator of "Facelli's" a popular Santa Cruz Resturant (formally 'Micossi's'), located off of Mission Street near Natural Bridges.
Fadelli, Battista and Candida, parents of John who was a high ranking officer in the Merchant Marine. After the passing of Battista, Candida
moved to Bay St. and had a house full of priceless furnishings sent from the Far East by John.
Fambrini,John and Margaret (Dimeo). Parents of Raymond and Nadine. Foreman of the Gulch Ranch for awhile, then managed family (Dimeo)ranch near "Il Dumpo". (39)

'Fava', nickname of man on "La Nostra Costa Book Cover" standing alongside 'Carabiniere'. Unknown what is real name was. (116)
Ferlizza,Maria and 'Pepo'. Furlans. Part owners of the Hotel D'Italia (107)
Ferrari,Battista (John)and Antonietta,parents to Effie, maternal grand parents to Marvin and Delores Del Chiaro
Ferrari,Dave, "Il Fiorista" of Santa Cruz. Also one of the best accordionist ever heard by Gino. The other being Attilio Dogliotti.
Fraboni, a jeweler with a shop on Pacific Ave. Gino showed him a ring that he had bought in Italy,and from across the room he identified it as having been made on the Ponte Vecchio in Firenze.
Franceschini,Francesco and Nuncia, parents to Tony and Rita. Foreman of the Marina Ranch,'su per la costa'. Francesco was severely burned in 1940 in farming mishap.
Frizza, Esther. Went to school with Ivano. Unknown to Ivano at the time she had family ties to "La Nostra Costa".
Fumetto: Nickname of a 'cookahousa' cook 'su per la costa' Married to 'Fumetta'. Real names unknowned.
Garbini, Mike and Rose who lived on Otis St. Rose was a very saintly lady.
Garibotti, Enrico Dr. who had a medical office on Pacific Ave. opposite the town clock. Died after eating poisoned mushrooms.
Gemignani,Aladino and Argentina,parents of Constantino,Lido and Joe. Aladino was a partner with 'Bronco' Comelli on the Gulch Ranch. Famous for his 'cookahousa' cusine. (18)
Gemignani,Costantino (Augie) and Victoria(Ghio),parents to Aladina and Donna. Augie is the oldest of the Gemignani Brothers and is still living today in Santa Cruz.(176)

Gemignani,Joe and Lina , parents of Dino and Joanne. Ivano's Uncle by marriage to Valentina's youngest sister, Lina Bressani. Original member of the 'Figli di Ferro' a motorcycle group 'su per la Costa". (175)

Ghio, Teresa, a member of my grade school classes.
Guerino,last name unknown. Killed in traffic accident on Gianone Hill (Swanton),c.1927. Ivano's father 'Bronco'Comelli who was a passenger in the vehicle,survived the accident. (355)

GREGORY, FRANCIS AND ALVIN. Operated Gregory Country Store and Gas Station in Davenport (359)

Iacopetti, Luigi and Mary, owned property in Bonny Doon where 'Italiani della Costa' used to picnic and socialize. Managed small grocery store and bar which now houses the Bonny Doon Vineyard Tasting Room. (149)

LaBarba, Fidel, Flyweight Boxing Champion, c.1930. Contemporary of Primo Carnera, Heavyweight Champion of the world. Submitted by son, F. John LaBarba of Santa Cruz.

Landino, John  Owner of Landino Construction Company. Cut the Comelli family home "su per la costa", and transported it to 1505 Bulb Ave in Capitola were it still stands today. (102)

Landino, Gene, John Landino's son. Went to Laurel School with Ivano.
Landino, Tony, brother of John Landino.
Lazzarini,Mario, rancere, cacciatore. Used to hang around 'Serafina's'(234)
Locatelli,Sal, Santa Cruz Woodsman Supreme. Father of Richard,Danieland Sal J.
Lucchesi,Amedeo and wife Mary (Modolo). Amedeo was killed on the Normandy Front in 1944.
Luchetti, Arcangelo "Tato" and Pia whose sons Carlo and Henry (Enrico) became chemical engineers, and worked at Aames Research Center at Moffet Field. They lived in Mountain View, but visited Santa Cruz frequently (Ada once stated that if she had married Tato Linstead of Baffi she would have had some great children, instead of this "barbagianni".) (that's me)
Lunardini, P.

Maceo,E.J., Grower and Shipper, 'su per la costa' , Father of Ralph Maceo.
Maceo, Ralph (see above). Brussel Sprouts, etc. Shipper 'su per la costa. Bought out the Santa Cruz Sprout Growers' Facility on the North Side of Santa Cruz.

Manildi, Barbara

Maranta, Patricia*
Marciano,Rocky, Heayweight Boxing Champion of the Word c.1955. (152) Boyhood hero of Ivano and many Italian American youths "su per la costa".
Marcuzzi,Tony and Alvira. Tony worked many years for Phyffer Bros. He was Ivano's godfather (confirmation). Made his own wine in his garage. Furlan (70)

Marenghi, Ernest, Santa Cruz Police Officer
Marenghi, Joe, Cement Business
Marenghi, Louie, Grocery Business, Camp Evers (Scotts Valley)
Martini, Paul and Frances, who lived on Toledo St.
Mazza (Sledgehammer). Nickname of rancere on the Gulch Ranch who was wrongly accused of messing up Argentina Gemignani's zucchini garden. (271)
Mazzei,Ottavio and Pia, parents of Eugene,and a daughter whose name I have forgotten. Eugene went to Laurel School with Ivano. (172)
Meschi, Italo and Bianca, parents of Ida who lived at 19 Baldwin St. Ida later married Donald Mungai.
Micossi,Frank and Pina, parents of Thelma. Furlans who managed the Hotel D'Italia, in Davenport. Pina was Godmother to Ivano Comelli. (4)
Micossi,Tony(Furlan)and Rosie (Fusari), parents of Frank and Rina. Operated the Elkhorn Resturant in Pescadero. Also the Swiss Hotel and Micossi's in Santa Cruz. Tony was Ivano Comelli's BaptismalGodfather. (129)
Micossi,Frank, son of Tony and Rosie (Fusari),brother to Rina. Captain who served in Italy during WWII (132)
Micossi,Nardin and Carolina; parents to Rosina. Nardin was the brother of Tony Micossi. Carolina was John Comelli's, baptismal god-mother.

Mondo, Mario. A sarto? (tailor)
Modina,Charlie and Theresa (Dimeo). Live in the old Dimeo "ccokahouse" located on Dimeo Lane, just before you get to 'Il Dumpo'(209)(214). Theresa was Margret Fambrini and Fred Dimeo's sister. Charlie ran a Trucking Firm located near his home near Dimeo Lane.
Modolo, Frank and Rozina, parents of Johnny and Mary. Johnny was killed (age 20) when he was thrown from a cow he was riding. The whole Coast mourned. (356)
Moro Lou and Enes (Peracchi),parents of Donna and Sandy. Donna married John Comelli in 1962. (329)
Moro,Silvio and Elena,parents of Ferd,Freddie Moro,Mary and Yoli. Furlans. (143)
Moro, Ferd, original member or the motorcycle group "Figli Di Ferro". (186)
Moro, Fred, Past President of the Marconi Club in Santa Cruz. (143)
Mortara, Herman who operated a grocery on Pacific Ave. with Beltrami.
Morelli,Mac and Evelyn. Parents of Mac and Patty. Once managed the Mirmar Cafe in Davenport with Pina Micossi. (111)

Morotti,Laurence. He and Gino worked at picking blue berries together, until Gino got fed up with the very slow progress and little pay. A girl, Gino refuses to name, tried to beat the system by filling up her baskets with dirt,then covering them with berries,thus making much faster progress. She did not know that the baskets were weighed. She was quickly sent home. Gino and Laurence were driven to the blueberry fields in a post-war Hudson "Terraplane" (driver unknown); the car you step down into, which was wider at the top than the bottom, and had an electric gear shifter with a ridiculously small lever mounted on the steering column.

Mosso & Puccinelli, automobile dealers.
Mungai,Dino and Edith. Parents of Jerry and Donald. Lived and worked on the Mungai Ranch. (272)

Mungai, Antonietta, sister of Albert, Angelo, Bartolomeo, Giovanni, Joe, Leo Tambellini. Raised her family in Santa Cruz: Eugene (Gene) Mungai, Dino Mungai, Fred Mungai, Nina Vaggioli, Josephine Ghio, Angelo Mungai and Albert Mungai.

Mussolini,Benito. Italian Dictator, 1922-45. Sided with Adolph Hitler in WWII. His decision negatively effected many Italians living 'su per la costa'. (133)(146)(187)(197)

Neri, Quinto and Elvira, parents of Laura. Part-owner of the Gulch Ranch. (229)

Netto, Manuel and Edith (Portuguese), Father and Mother of Phil, Lori and Dave. Lived across the Street from Ivano on Seaside Street in Santa Cruz. (307)
Nicolosi,  Paul and Elliei, and their son Paul. Ellie was the younger sister of Gina Tori and Noemi Antonetti.
Oddone, Alfonso and Lorenza. They lived on Trescony St. and our (Gino's) back yards were separated by a wooden fence. She made the best ravioli in the world. Alfonso was another who helped me (Gino) learn to drive, besides Augie, Mark Olsen, and Bianca Meschi.
Ottaviano, Johnny, the Studebaker dealer whose son Johnny (chachie) was in my class at Holy Cross High School
Panattoni, Dolores, went to grade school with Gino.
Parodi, a barber. The first to cut my hair.

Paterni, Angelo "Nino" and Helen (Tambellini). For many years, Nino worked a brussel sprouts ranch near Davenport, then at the Cement Plant. Raised five daughters (Terri Gregory, Toni Schwab, Jerri Tupper, Jacki Pipolo and Lorri Evans).
Pesce, Shirley*
Peracchi,Emo, Son of Velia Peracchi,brother to Enes Moro. Former Santa Cruz Policeman and Harbor Master at Santa Cruz Harbor.(330)
Perlino. Mr. Perlino raised chickens and sold them from his place on California Ave.
Petrocchi, Arcangelo and Niccolina who had a cherry orchard and also raised pigs East of town.
Petroni, Salvatore and Alaide, parents of Anna, who lived on Soquel Ave.
Pianavilla,Pete,famous for his 'booming' voice and his verbal assaults on the Game Warden, Forrest McDermott.(223)
Pini, Gino, the chief of police
Podio. I can't remember any more about him.
Poletti, Luigi and various member of the Poletti family.
Pori, Carlo who had a shoe repair business on Pacific Ave. near the plaza. (father of Merle Janet in my kindergarten and grade school classes)
Presepi, Amerigo (Piccino) and Luisa. She worked as a telephone operator. Piccino was a partner with Bronco Comelli on the Gulch Ranch. Under his leadership (c.1940) the ranch became known as "Il Rancio dei Pompieri." "The Ranch of the Fireman". (38)

Prolo,Eugene,owner manager of Prolo Chevrolet in Santa Cruz. The Comelli Family bought a brand new gun-metal grey' 1949 Chevrolet from his dealership.(96)

Pfyffer, Fred. Swiss entrepreneur, land owner, former President of Coast Dairies and Land Company. Along with brother Pino, owned and operated Pyffer Bros. Packing and Shipping Company located off of Mission Street on the north end of Santa Cruz. (75)
Pfyffer, Pino (see above). Was foreman of the Pfyffer Ranches "su per la Costa" .

Quartararo : add the Quartararos'   My grandfather, Vincent, had quite a history in rum/booze smuggling during Prohibition, was part of a a fish processing operation (Santa Cruz Processors) along with my Uncle Lou and his 11 children (there are 7 kids on our side of the family.  My Dad "Vince" was a Podiatrist in SC for probably 50 years (he died in 2008(?) at the age of 92 and our family is still in the phone book.  Jeff Dunne knows the history....we proudly would see my grandfather's picture on the wall at Gilda's  titled A Day on the Bay....  >> Rod Quartararo

Quilici, Emilio and Elena.

Raffin,Frederico,a Furlan and Norma (Rocchi),parents of Peter and Richard. In a very distressing incident, which occurred in 1947, Frederico shot and killed his wife Norma. (290)
Raffanti, Enrico Dr. a dentist.
Ramacciotti, Dante and Assunta. He worked on the Gulch Ranch and she was the cook for a time.(181)
Reggiarda, Luisa. She lived on Trescony St.
Rinaldi, Giovacchino and Amelia, parents of Vasco, Velia, Evelina, and Martino (Raymond) who lived on Mission St. near Olive St.
Rinaldi, Pietro and Rina, parents of Alma, Sally, and Giulio.(98)
Rinaldi, Rinaldo and Maria, parents of Reno and Neva.(234)
Rinaldi, Ulisse
Rodoni, Dante and Andreina, parents of Mario, Elio, and Jeannie.(202)

Rossi, Albie; Member of the Figli di Ferro" motorcycle group. Later a rancher and land owner 'su per la costa'. Once owned "IL Buco" on the Gulch Ranch. (178)(368)
Rossi, Matilde, a clerk in the county courthouse.

Santos,Don, father of Don Jr., Betty and Alice. Dairy man, Coastal Milk Man.(P.19;24). Non-Italian.
Scannoni,Louie. A 'grizzly' rancere who loved his wine soaked biscotti. (88)
Scaroni,Arnold,Katie and Johnny, operated and managed ranch and dairy farm, 'su per la costa' some 5 miles north of Santa Cruz. Gateway to one of the best beaches on the rugged coast. (250)
Scoppettone, James J., judge of the superior court, parent of one of the members of "Harpers Bizarre" boys' band. (259)
Smerigli,rancere noted for his strength and hard work. Also noted for his violent escapades after drinking too much vino rosso.((66)
Stagnaro,Gilda, "Queen of the Santa Cruz Wharf". Operated 'Gilda's" Resturant on the Wharf, with brother Robert "Big Boy" Stagnaro and nephews,Malio and Dino.
Stagnaro, Malio J. "Stago", owner of fishing fleet, restaurant, the speed boat, and personality on Radio KSCO.
Stagnaro,Yolanda (Dunn), older sister of Gilda and "Big Boy". Mother to Geoffrey Dunn,Santa Cruz Author and Historian.
Terrini, Edward and Irene. Grandparents to Diane Bianconi. (See Bianconi, above).

Taurian,Mario (Rosso) and 'Giga',parents of Felicino (Phil)and Elso. Rancere on a ranch just north of Davenport. In 1940's moved his family to San Francisco. Good Friends of the Comelli Family. Furlans. (142)

Tambellini, Gianni.

Tambellini, Albert,brother of Angelo, Antonietta (Mungai), Bartolomeo, Giovanni, Joe and Leo.
Tambellini, Angelo, (see above)Moved to Santa Cruz in early 1970s after years as a Castroville artichoke grower.
Tambellini, Bartolomeo (see above). Raised his family in Santa Cruz: Landa Dell'Orfonello, Leda Riparetti, Nello Tambellini and Nelli Gibson Sr.
Tambellini, Giovanni, (see above). Moved to Santa Cruz in 1960s after years as an apricot grower in Palo Alto.
Tambellini, Joe (see above). Raised family in Santa Cruz: Silvio Tambellini, Victoria White and Ray Tambellini.
Tambellini, Leo and Josephine (see above) Retired to Santa Cruz in 1949 along with two daugthers, Helen Paterni and Mary Tambellini from Pittsburgh, Penn.
Tambellini, Silvio and Rosemarie, raised their family in Santa Cruz: Diane, Dennis, David and Debbie. For many years, Silvio worked a brussel sprouts ranch on the Coast near Davenport alongside Nino Paterni.
Tomada,Attilio, (Furlan)better known as "Massimo". Godfather to Giovanni Primo (John) Comelli. Deported back to Italy in the early 1940s,because he lacked the proper papers.(4)
Tori, Pietro and Gina, owners of Il Trovatore Hotel, where the banquet for newly naturalized citizens was held.

Valentino, Rudolph, Silent Movie Star in 1920's. A particular favorite of Valentina and other young girls growing up during this time periond.
Venturini Bros., Elmer,Ernie and Francis. Mother Julia. (See Comments for added details.)
Villa. Mr. and Mrs. Villa had one son about 2 years older than me.

Wilson, Jeanie, Aunt to Diane Bianconi, married to Claude Wilson.
Zoccoli, Robert, who took over operation of Red and White Grocery and ran it until Robert Jr. carried on with it.
Zolezzi, Mike

Note: Chief Gino Pini visited my mother one day, asking to see the olive oil she had been buying from a travelling salesman. Upon checking the oil in the bottom of the 5 gallon can in which she bought it, he determined that it was not pure olive oil as it had been represented to be. He asked to keep the can for analysis. On checking the salesman's car, a hidden handgun was also found. The oil salesman was not heard from any further.

Ecco fatto, Ivano. Perhaps something in the above list may trigger some recollection in the far reaches of your memory. If so, it would be great if you could write
about it, and add it to the growing lists of your great stories.

Distinti saluti,


* Indicates member of Gino's High School Class
( )Indicates number of a page in "La Nostra Costa" where name(s) or photo appears.

And this bonus from Len Klempnauer:

Hi, Ivan,
In reference to your blog posting on Nov. 5, 2006, about the death of Lou Moro, I remember well the L&F mom-and-pop grocery store at Sixth and Williams in San Jose. I lived on Fourth near Reed while attending San Jose State in the 1956-57 and 1957-58 school years and would stop by that store almost every day after class.
Eight of us from Santa Cruz rented both sides of a duplex: John Maranta, Frank Sherrill and Jim Scoppettone (Holy Cross High '54), Sam Zuckswert (Holy Cross '55), and fellow Santa Cruz High '54 grads Bob Branstetter, Don Samuelson and Butch Walters.
Occasionally I would see Marv Del Chiaro (SCHS '55) on campus, usually training with his San Jose State ROTC unit.
Then I, too, received Uncle Sam's invitation to serve the government. After my two years were up in 1960, I was put into the local Army Reserve company, the 442nd MP unit. And there was Marv, serving as one of our officers.
Today's Santa Cruzans probably cannot understand exactly how close-knit our community was then. In addition to 2nd Lt. Marv, whom I've known since Mission Hill Jr. High, the 442nd's other officers were the commanding officer, Capt. Ken Silva, who owned the Chevron Station at Pacific Avenue and Center Street across from my parents' restaurant, the Cross Roads Drive-in; 1st Lt. Jim Baker, who was the assistant ad director at the Sentinel, where I worked, and who was a long-time Cross Roads customer; 1st Lt. Jim Kosinski, one of my drinking buddies before we both went into the service in '58 and whose parents owned a motel near Murray Street; and some other lieutenant I didn't know.
Incidentally, for all those "old-timers" who remember the Cross Roads, I have a web site about it at:
I don't know whether the "farmer" Italians up the Coast ever frequented the Cross Roads, but the "fishermen" Italians certainly did, usually before going home after a night fishing on Monterey Bay. Not that I didn't know some of the "farmer" Italians quite well. Both Ralph Moceo (Holy Cross Elementary School/Bellarmine High '54) and Don Bargiacchi (SCHS '52) were roommates of mine in the early 1960s.
-- Len Klempnauer, Capitola


Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Actually the people in the photo are mostly Furlans who in some way were associated with "La Costa" History. Furlan Family names represented in the photo are: Comelli,(from "La Costa"/Santa Cruz, and from San Francisco and Milpitas)Del Piero, (originally from 'La Costa" and Watsonville when the Foto was taken);Marcuzzi from 'La Costa"/Santa Cruz; Cricco, from 'La Costa'/Santa Cruz,DiSanti, from Castroville(husband Domenico was not a Furlan, however, wife Laura,not in photo, was;Bressani from San Jose; Cuciz, from Milpitas.

Most if not all of the Furlans in the Photo were born in or around Nimis;Italy. I am the young lad, standing at the left. My brother John is 'squatted down' 0n the right. ivno

Canadian Furlan said...

Ivano.. These photos are priecless...You have a excellent source of information, historical information...The Furlans are and will always be hard working people, seeking opportunities for work where ever it presents itself. Again... I cannot express the feeling of when I see those photos and the names of the people.. I feel as if I were there. It is definitely a relationship that I formed with my own parents and friends that immigrated to Canada. This is another excellent continuation of La Nostra Costa. Ivano I think you better sharpen you pencil and get ready for La Nostra Costa II.
Ciao e Mandi


Ivano said...

Thanks Canadian Furlan. The Furlans 'su per la costa' were a small group, however, most all were noted for their strong family values and hard work ethic. Their Family names still abound in the Santa Cruz, Watsonville,San Jose areas. I believe that the Cuciz in the photo (holding up the beer bottle) was Jimmy Cuciz who was actually from Los Gatos. I remember my father and Jimmy having endless discourses on whether or not they were cousins (my paternal grandmother was a Cuciz.) Jimmy would insist that they were and my father would insist that they weren't . I will have to side with Jimmy on this one. Aren't all those who dwelled in the land of the Furlans related in some way?? ivno

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

The list is a work in progress. Gino and I are working on it together to include as many names as we can. We would like some help from fellow 'blaggatori'. Give us your imput and we will add to the list. Thanks. ivn0

Ivano said...

What follows below is some old e-mail messages featuring Larry Venturini and Reno Cantarutti. Information seems appropriate for this article.

Larry: Forwarding information from Reno Cantarutti. Does any of this stuff re: The Venturini's sound familiar. Ivan

From: "Reno Cantarutti"

IVANO Okay the story from Larry and the VENTURINI Ranch. I dont remember his grandfather's first name. Ask him if his grandmother's name was GUILIA .
Fact # one he says his dad and three uncles all went to the Swanton School. That's the same school I went to.
It was located east over
the hill from the Venturini ranch I am sure I walked to school ,for
a while with Gino Pini ( who in the later years became the Police Chief of Santa Cruz ) and also his sister. This was until they left ranch above us.
Larry also says he has three uncles . Venturini had four sons I
only remember two of their names,Victor and Ernie.
As I remember
one of them worked at the bank; this was a big DEAL in those days .

Message from Larry Venturini

Thanks for the info. Yes, grandmother's name was Julia. Lived into her late 90's. Never new my grandfather. The brothers (oldest to youngest)
were Elmer (banker),Victor (my dad) Ernie and Francis. Elmer's daughter, Joyce has more of our family history if anyone's interested. Her email is


len klempnauer said...

We had some great Italian restaurants back then, besides Lucca's Lunch. Remember the Riviera run by Mary Carniglia, Facelli's (do you remember its name before it was Facelli's -- Micossi's), of course the Santa Cruz Hotel, and the Garibaldi Hotel and Adolph's along the river before the Flood of '55.
After turning 21, my night life revolved around Danny Canepa's Skyroom, Adolph's after it moved to Water Street, and Louie Aluffi's Edgewater in Capitola. You always ran into people you knew in those places.

Thanks Len: Wasn't there a Manhatten Bar on Pacific Ave?? Seems like I remember a neon cocktail glass sign going on and off.
I actually ran into one of Louie Facelli's relatives. He was thrilled to death when I told him that I had mentioned Lou's name in the book (136). Need to add to list. ivno

Gino Campioni said...

Since I mentioned that 'Baffi' Campioni loved his minestrone soup, I dug up his favorite recipe as sent to me by his son Gino. ivno

Ciao Ivano,

Ho pensato di mandarti la ricetta per fare il minestrone. (1) Perhaps your mother made it this way. This is how Baffi preferred it:

Ingredients: Salt Pork
Pinto Beans (the pale colored ones with darker speckles. Baffi called them "Kentucky Wonders")
Cabbage (the dark, curly variety is preferred, but not available in Oregon)
Tomato Sauce
Pasta (optional) (small like rosary beads)

Soak the beans overnight or longer. (2) On cooking day, boil them till tender and force them through a sieve. Discard the husks.
Put the resulting bean puree back into the water in which the beans were cooked.
Lo Sfritto (the fry-up) Cut the salt pork into very small pieces. Place in frying pan to render it. Use the hide part also. ( left in one piece It makes
a special treat for the youngest family member)
Chop the onion, celery, parsley, and carrots and add them to the pan with the salt pork. When all is properly sautéed, put all into
the pot with the beans. Pour in a can of tomato sauce.
Cut the cabbage into manageable pieces and add to the pot. (Baffi wanted it in very large pieces)
Continue cooking until the cabbage is tender.
Add pasta, if desired, during the last 8 minutes of cooking.

For his supper, Baffi would have a huge bowl of this. Ada made 20 pints at a time, which lasted him 6 days.
He would add a large slice of French bread torn into small pieces, and top it all off with olive oil, and some of his homemade vino rosso.
(I draw the line after the olive oil)
Proportions are left up to the cook's imagination. There are as many varieties of minestrone as there are people who cook it.

(1) Pronounced: "ME-neh-STRON-eh" Means: "Big Soup".

(2) I heard on TV that if the beans are soaked in just enough water to cover them and they are allowed to begin sprouting, it
will release the explosive power that they contain. I was never able to prove that.

Allora Ivano, mangiamo? It's almost cool enough here to cook some of that mess. You know the old saying, "Oregon has two seasons.
Winter and August. People here don't tan. They rust.

Migliori auguri.


Pat Polentoni said...

Hey Ivano. You left out an important name:

Cariola,Carolina,also known as 'Capricious Carrie'. Frequent visitor to the Nudie Beach at Scaroni's up the Coast. PP

Carrie said...

Up jumped the Devil. Ok, Ivano, here is one for you:

Polentoni,Paul "Polentahead", also known as Paul Puzzolente,-- a real 'stinker' up the Coast.
Have a nice day Polentahead. Carrie

Saratoga Sam said...

Love your Italian names. They bring back a lot of memories. Didn't Fabby Degli-Esposti, change his name and then became a famous Hollywood Screen Writer?? ss

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

In answer to Saratoga Sam's inquiry re:Fabrizio "Fabby" Degli Esposti (SCHS Grad '58 ?), he did go to Hollywood and much to the chagrin of fellow Hollywoodens: DeLaurentiis,Scorsese,Puzo,DiCaprioCoppalla,Pacino and DeNiro, he change his name to Lance Egan. He is presently a teacher in Southern Californis. ivno

Anonymous said...

I believe that Fabrizio "Fabby" Degli-Esposti, now known as Lance Egan, is teaching in Las Vegas.

don santos jr. said...


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ivano said...

Thanks Don for taking the time to write to me. Yes, I remember you and Betty and Alice and of course your father. I refer to your father (as being our milkman) on page 19 of the paper back version of the book, and also on page, 24 in an endnote. I also mention Betty and Alice, in and endnote of page 240.

The man on the front cover is not my father, he is Carbiniere, the Gentle Giant , who kept the peace at the Hotel D'Italia in Davenport (pgs 107 - 109). My father is on the back cover with Virginia Brovia. I have not been able to definitely ID the other man on the front cover. One person identified him only by the nickname "Fava". The photo was probably taken in the early 1940's. Unknown if that could possibly be your father.

I have posted the name of your father with the list of Italian Names. I know that your father was not Italian, but I think that he deserves to be on that list. He was well known to us 'su per la costa'. You may recognize some of the people who have written articles. I am sure the 'top' three postings will bring back some memories to you.

Also, when I lived in Scotts Valley (1970-89), I used to see your father quite often. As you say he aways wore cowboy boots. I seem to remember that he favored cowboy hats also.

Thanks again, Don. Keep in touch. Ivan0

Anonymous said...

Some of the names are very familiar to me.
Diva Belli is still alive and lives on Mission St. in Santa Cruz. She has three sons. Ennio is in New York. One of the other sons is an architect in Santa Cruz and his wife is very active with the Sons of Italy, Santa Cruz Chapter, the other son lives in Watsonville and I think he is a manager.
I do not know what happened to Doctor Allegrini but he was responsible for my mother's indignation when the tumor turned out to be a baby! Me!
Caiocca was still alive as of last summer 2007. I sat across the table from he and his wife at one of the numerous picnics that I attended.
Dolores Panattone married a music teacher and lives on California Avenue in Santa Cruz. I saw her as well this last summer.
There was an Alladino that my parents knew. I think that he was in partnership with the Novelli's. I remember Angelina Novelli very well because our entertainment on a Saturday night was to go to their ranch house and play various card games! Sometimes they would come to our ranch house. Their ranch house is still standing and the first one past Davenport going south to Santa Cruz.
Nancy Quilici Jacobs

janis2002 said...

My father was Vasco Rinaldi (mother is still living, Eleanor).His parents were Joe and Amelia. I think that is my grandfather Joe in the back row of your photo. A lot of these names broght back memories for me, many were at my first wedding in 1969. Jimmy Dal Porto played his accordian.

janis2002 said...

Well I found out I was wrong about that photo! The man I thought was my father wasn't him and the woman I thought was my Mother turns out to be Ivanos! and unless I'm missing something, Ivano and I aren't brother and sister ! :)Maybe it was wishful thinking.
Janis Rinaldi Robinson

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Janis: Well I'm glad we got that straignten out. Since I am in the photo, I was starting to wonder if I was really there. You know what they say, we Italians tend to look somewhat alike. Lotsa "Roam'n" blood in us. Keep in touch. ivno

lori landino said...

I believe that Fabrizio "Fabby" Degli-Esposti, now known as Lance Egan, is teaching in Las Vegas

Yes. Mr. "D" is in Vegas teaching drama ...he was my drama teacher at Mission Hill..I spoke to him a few years ago...

Bernice said...

I am a Cuciz and this is the first picture I saw of my grandfather, Jimmy Cuciz. Thank you, thank you, for posting this!
Bernice Cuciz Tresemer

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Bernice: Thanks for your comment on Jimmy Cuciz, your grandfather.
I recall visiting your grandfather and your grandmother (Libby?) when they lived in Los Gatos next to the Bertolucci (sp?) Family. As I recall they had a son also named Jimmy. Is that your fatherz?
Your grandfather always claimed that our families were related since my paternal Grandmother was a Cuciz. My father wasn't so sure. Again, for commenting on the LNostra-Costa Blagga. Ivano

Dal Porto said...

Meu nome é José Roberto Dal Porto,resido no Brazil, neto de Lorenzo Gioele Dal Porto,que nasceu na Itália em 5 de setembro de 1866, em Capannori, provincia di Lucca.
Estou organizando a árvore genealógica da familia.
Solicito mais informações sobre Jimmy Dal Porto, referido no seu Blog.
Skype : portoroberto1


GINO said...


Having some spare time with nothing to do in particular, (which is frequently the case) I
thought of trying to figure out the meaning of some of our Italian surnames. Naturally the
first I tried was Comelli.

Trying many of the so called "dictionaries" on line, I gave up on that, and used my dictionary.
All the on line sites are just for collecting money, and offer no functionality that I could find.

The nearest thing to Comelli I found was comò, meaning a piece of furniture with drawers,
or a table. Adding the suffix "elli" would make it mean, "small, well built cabinets or pieces of
furniture." Che ti pare?

Other names include Dogliotti. Very appropriate. It means "Big pains". Pete and Mary
Dogliotti mourned the loss of their only child Attilio from his passing in 1943 until their own

Camarlinghi, as you know, means the same as "Chamberlains".

Degli Esposti, besides meaning "of the displaced", or "of the exposed", can also mean
"of those who are exported". That they were! Exported as a family from Italy to California.

In this area, a family by the name of Moschetti has lived for many years. The oldest members
were Alexander (who preferred to be called "Zander") his wife Aileen (a lovely Irish lady) and
their children. Alexander Moschetti Jr., AKA Butch, (who acted out the part of the stereotype
Italian à la "The Sopranos") and his wife Dawna had several children. One of them, named
Jody married and has young boys.

On one of my visits to their home, along with my partner Mike, I was chatting with the boys
about their names. I explained to Christopher that his name means, "bringer of Christ". He
appeared impressed. I had no explanation of the meaning of Cody, his brother's name.

He asked what Moschetti meant, and I explained it to him. "It means the same as it does in
Spanish. That is, "mosquitos", or in Italian, "small flies." At this point Jody approached me
and face to face and inches apart, looked down at me, and said, "Small Flies?" "Yes", I replied,
and feared that my life was about to end. Fortunately, nothing more came of it.

There was one small benefit of this encounter. The two boys now know how to pronounce
their surnames. Everyone from their great grandparents to their own father have always
pronounced it "Mos sheti". I am still working on church leaders to do the same. It's a
losing battle.

Saluti, Gino

HELENE said...

Feb20, 2011

I'm seeking information onn the Mazzei family. My mother, who is now 74, would like to know if her cousins are still alive, and have some news. We have tried to find some informations on internet, but we didn't find so much things, it seems there is a lot of Mazzei in the US, and in California. The only website that led us to Pia & Ottavio Mazzei was your blog.

The last time my grand-mother saw Pia was in 1960, when she came to France.

But my mother doesn't have much more informations on her.
We know Pia and her husband, Ottavia lived at 125 acadia ave, Santa Cruz CA 95060
And my mom recalls Pia had a boy, and 2 girls. One of the 2 is called Mery (or Mary), we have found a picture of her with her name written on the back.

Thanks for your help.

Hélène Trinca Kergourlaly.



Helene: Thanks for contacting the
LNostra-Costa Blog. I will contact
some of our "Blaggatori" and see what we can come up with. SA ivan0

HELENE said...

Thank you so much for the e-mails and for your help.

Thanks to these informations, I think I've found the adress of Eugene and his sister Elsie. Apparently Eugene (Gene) lives in San Bernardino and was a football coach. And his sister lives in Berkely. I'll try to send them a letter.

I communicated the informations to my mother and she's happy to have learned some informations on Pia's life, thanks to Gino's message.

Last night I ordered your book on Amazon, I'll receive it soon.
I think that this is really good that you have written your story and you're parent's story, but also the story of other Italian immigrants.

Thanks again for all your help. That's really nice.

A bientôt.

IVANO said...

Your welcome Helene. I hope you enjoy the Book. Sempre Avanti con la Historia della Nostra Costa. ivn0

FLORENCE said...


Ciao, Ivano,
I'd like to add a couple of names to your list. Edoardo Bianco ranched with his brother in law, Michele Conrado in a place they called "Siberia" in the late 20's and 30's. The Pini and Venturini families may have also been partners. At one point it was called E.Bianco and Co. I think they grew brussel sprouts and maybe artichokes. Edoardo and Mary Bianco were my parents and Caterina and Michele Conrado had three children: Attilio , John and Angela. In the 40's we moved to Davenport Landing and later to Davenport. My father went to work for the cement plant and the Conrados continued to farm in Soquel.

Great project, Ivano. Looking forward to the reunion.

Florence Bianco Bell

Unknown said...

My name is Giancarlo Cuciz.I am 63 years old.
My Grandfather Giusseppi Cuciz who had the Adobe House in Milpitas. MY Dad was Joseph Cuciz and we had orchards in the Milpitas foothills.Jim Cuciz was my cousin he spent a career in the U.S.A.F.
My Grandmother who's madin name was Cussigh was cousins to the Comelli's who lived in Hayward.
Thank You for this site.
Giancarlo Cuciz

Unknown said...

Hello I am Giancarlo Cuciz . I am 63 years old and the Grandson of Joe Cuciz from Milpitas. My Grandparents owned the Adobe house. My Dad was joseph.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Hello Giancarlo: Welcome to the LNostra-Costa 'Blagga'. As I mentioned in my comments (above), Cuciz was my paternal grandmother's maiden name. I believe I met Joe during some of our visits to the Comelli's in Milpitas and the Del Pieros in Watsonville.(Sadly, Gloria (Comelli),the daughter of "Fat" Comelli and Mahlia(?) recently passed away) We also visited Jimmy and Lippy (sp?) Cuciz in Los Gatos. I remember playing with their son Jimmy when we were boys. Thanks for your comments. I would like to talk to you further. Please email me at: ivn0

THELMA said...

I remember going to the Cuciz ranch in Milpitas when we lived in San Jose in the 50s. I also remember your father and Tita Cricco coming to pick up my mother and me to go to visit the Cuciz family in Milpitas. I believe that ranch now is a dedicated historical site.

The Cuciz family were related to Luigi (Fat) and Amalia Comelli in Hayward. Just a couple of years ago Gloria Comelli had a gathering at her house where there were several members of the Cuciz family there. It was so enjoyable to hook up with long time friends of the past. Linda Cuciz (Hanson) and I were very good friends. Her mother and father were Nalchisa & Giovanin Cuciz. Actually when we moved to San Jose they lived just a couple of blocks from us.

The names of those that have been posted are amazing. How all those names are those that we all remember.
Sempre avanti,Thelma Micossi Gill

Ivan Comelli said...

10-12-2014 Received this e-mail from Natalina Marchi re her father "Figlio della Costa" (Son of the Coast) Natalino Marchi:My uncle Mel just sent me your list you are working on. Can you add to the list my father and grandparents: natalino marchi and Rita and pietro marchi? You actually put my father and his best friend, don biargiacchi in your book as your childhood friends. Saying how they were both successful farmers and didn't need a college education to do that. My father, Natalino Marchi passed away last year and while he was in the hospital and couldn't speak, days before he died, I read your book to him. It brought him great comfort. So many memories. Thank you. I am hoping to talk to you about my father. Could I call you? Please let me know and let me know your phone number, if it is okay. Thank you do much, Natalie Marchi

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivano,

I see that you have my grandmother, Matilda Brovia DeLuca listed, as well as my mother, Dolores DeLuca. My great grandmother, Adelina Costomonia (birth name) Vocania (adopted name) lived in Davenport. There is a street named after her. She was born in Turin, Italy in 1888 and came to America in 1913 on a she called S.S. Loraine through Ellis Island. Adelina married my great grandfather, Giovanni Bautista Brovia. Adelina died in 1982 at age 94.

Debra Yarnall