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Photo: LaNorma e Ivano con cappelli e 'Shavola' (hats and shovel), Scotts Valley, CA (2006) Courtesy LaNorma and Patty Morelli.)

I RECEIVED THE BELOW E-MAIL FROM LaNORMA (Norma Dinelli Wilson) of "La Nostra Costa" fame. It contains a wealth of information about all those 'Amici della Costa'.

Caro Ivano & Gino:
I am addressing this to you Ivano but it is also for Gino. In response to e-mail of Nov. l7, 2007
(sorry it took me so long but I filed it in a safe place and forgot it and came across it today!!)
Scusa!! First of all I really want to acknowledge and say how much I appreciate and enjoy
Gino’s Italanglish and of course the Italian. I have forgotten so much and you both bring it
Back out of my “storage computer”. I miss speaking Italian and of course miss the “oldtimers”
So much. I love talking to Flora Bargiacchi Anecito as she is a wealth of info on the old days
And of course we speaka Italiano.

I had some names and info to add to the list of Nostra Costa familynames. I made a few
Corrections as I thought they might be - between us all we will get it l00%. It is so great having
Such teamwork. Our folks are very proud of us all – I am sure!!

Bargiacchi, Giulio and Emma – parents of Don but also Mary Bargiacchi Condon.
Bertacca, Teresa (Patty Morelli’s great grandmother and grandmother of Evelyn Morelli)
Same name as her daughter Evelyn Morelli Tambellini Marchi (Augusto)
Teresa was very instrumental in a suit against the Cement Company with several ranchers
Because of the cement dust. They won the suit – can furnish details and also a foto of her at
Laguna with several Italians including the Battistinis when she became a UScitizen .
Bertolli, Italo and Mamie (Stefani ?) – parents of Teresa Darling and Nelda
DeLuca, Amerigo etc. - I think it is spelled with only one C not two.
In reference to the tragic accident – in addition to the DeLuca’s deaths – also their two
Neighbors died – husband and wife – think they were Portuguese – name escapes me at the
Costella, ? cement contractor (many sidewalks in Santa Cruz have their name stamped on them)
Daughter Irene Costella married Penniman – mother of Warren “Aldo” Penniman
Del Chiaro, Pia and “Tripoli” – parents of Diana Petrolino and son Fred.
Dell”Orfanello, Landa & ? - parents of Eva Quilici and Betty DelChiaro
Franceschini, Francesco – remember my parents talking about his injuries.
In reference to the Marina Ranch - Did Alessandro DelChiaro and Dante Dinelli have a share at one time?
When? It is located above the hill where the S.Grossi Ranch was on the Coast Rd.
Garibotti, Dr. - Was the story that he ate the mushrooms at a dinner at one of the ranches? His son is still in
Santa Cruz – Patty Morelli talked to him last year. He was a building contractor. Also Mary Joan Rodriguez
Worked for Dr. Garibotti and/or Dr. Franes McKay his wife. She lives in Scotts Valley and has some info about them.
Puccinelli, Armando – nickname “Fumetto” Was cook for the S. Grossi Ranch (partner D.Dinelli and Bruno Rodoni)
Moceo is spelled with o not an a – father of Ralph Moceo
Marchi, Augusto and Evelyn (Bertacca) – Teresa’s daughter – also Ali Bertacca and Patty’s grandmother Gilda (Evelyn Morelli’s
Mother) Married Collins and then divorced.
Morelli, Mac and Evelyn – parents of Mac and Patty and also Margo and Carol. (Margo died in l964?) at a young age.
Neri, Quinto and Elvira parents of Laura. Also owner of property at Gulch Ranch with Joe Antonetti.
Quinto Neri and Pete Rinaldi and Americo Presepi started what is now known as Rodoni Ranch. They brought Dante Rodoni in as a partner as he was married to Andreina who was Pete’s niece. Rina Rinaldi is Dante Rodoni’s
Pieracci I think is spelled this way – think I am correct – check it out – always a possibility I am wrong!!
Perlino – the chicken people – when his wife died in 2002 she left 4 million dollars to many charities. Chickens
Paid off!!!
Pollastrini – can’t remember their first names – parents of Christine Walker (Ray Walker’s wife)
Pera, Alberto – there were two by the same name: nickname: “il Brown” (don’t know the Italian spelling)
Worked for the Pianavillas
Nickname: “Villa” worked for S. Grossi and Lorenzi ranches
Grossi, Settimo and Inez Fistolera – parents of Ida and Lea (Lambert)
Presepi, Amerigo and Luisa – also partners in what is now known as Rodoni ( see Neri)
Rinaldi, Ulisse – father of Martha Oneto and ? (divorced wife Bruna)
Scoppettone – Harpers Bizarre member was Dick. His brother Jim (Painter) lived in house in Scotts Valley
Where Alfred Hitchcock lived – (either Jim or Dick?)
Chiesa, ? and ? - parents of Ann Moye(?) - caretakers for Alfred Hitchcocks place in Scotts Valley
Tori – yes Il Trovatore Hotel was place for all occasions including weddings, lst Communions, Confirmation, etc etc.
Ivano asked about a bar on Pacific Ave. named Manhatten – yes it was across from Zoccoli’s and owned by
Danny Cavadias – a Greek – father of Marios and Georgia who were Holy Cross students
Gino – do you remember the bridge going across the railroad tracks from the Coast Road at the Lorenzi Ranch?
I think this is it – I will think of the names I couldn’t come up with or maybe when you see the info the names will
Come to you.
I sure appreciate the list – what a memory – I could fill in the blanks but that was a great job and memory work compiling
Such a treasured list. Thanks again for sharing – thank you Ivano and Gino for all your info. LOVE IT!!!
Grazie – be in touch.
Ciao per ora – La Norma


LaNorma said...

Ivano – Lea Grossi Lambert commented on some of the names that Gino did for the Blogga and that

I finally responded to – I had CC’d her and she added some comments on mine. Together we will

Get all details exact!!

Pollastrini – first names are Ray and Minnie (parents of Christine Walker)

Rinaldi – Ulisse (and Bruna) parents of Martha Oneto and Gino Rinaldi.

Bruna and Ulisse divorced and Bruna married Carlo Moglia and their kids are:

Victoria Moglia and Carlo Moglia (JR?)

Del Chiaro – Pia and Tripoli (nickname?) parents of Diana Petrolino and Freddie DelChiaro who

Married Betty Dell’Orfanello

Costella – cement contractor – Tranquillo and Mary – parents of Reno Costella (married to Sophie)

And Irene Penniman (mother of Warren “Aldo” Penniman)

Moceo – Ed was known as Cap.

Lazzarini – Mario (never married) was always at Serafina’s – ranched with brother on ranch between

Rodoni and Pietro Bargiacchi ranch

Lazzarini – Adolfo and Madelena (aunt of Ray Ceragioli) parents of Louie and twins Yolanda and Norma

They ranched at Pigeon Point when they left lower Coast Road. Year?

Giovacchino Rinaldi (and Amelia lived where Longs’s is on Mission St) grew marijuana (hemp?) to give his

\ birds so they would sing better. Someone reported him and Sheriff came – Lea doesn’t remember

All the details.

Rinaldi – Maria and “il Cuco” (first name ?) parents of Reno and Neva Oneto

Monthly meetings on ranches to discuss profits were called “si fa I conti”

When you were leaving partnerships “si fa le parte”

Do you remember the Italian Bankers: Bank of America – Al Cacace

Wells Fargo - Dante Lombardi(brother of Pia DelChiaro)

County Bank - Mario Esposito

Does this help?

Ciao - LaNorma

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Thanks LaNorma and Lea. With all this information it's time for some one to write another book for "La Nostra Costa". Hint: a movie script based on the book may be on it's way. Any "movie producers" out there interested. Send inquiries to "I.Coppalala" this "Blagga". ivno

Gino said...

Received the following e-mail from Gino Campioni sometime ago. Thought it appropriated to post it here to remind us of non-Italian 'amici della costa'.

Ciao Ivano,
Perhaps you might find something of interest in the following:
Notable Non-Italians of Santa Cruz

In the 1940s there were two groceries in operation near the Campioni residence. The nearest was Bay and Mission Market, operated by a Chinese gentleman, whose name I

have forgotten. It was later operated by a Joe Maung, a rather quiet Chinese man.

I think the next in line at this place was Mr. Fotis Mellis. (Greek) His son Spiro and I

Were the best of friends for a couple of years. Spiro, who was a superb scholar, was tutored privately by Mr. Robert Vernon Brown, the principal of Bay View School during the summer of 1946. Thus Spiro was able to skip the seventh grade, and left me behind in the dust. Later Mr. Mellis build a larger market at the corner of Mission St. and Van Ness Avenue. In later years, Spiro took over the management of that store.

Back to Bay and Mission, the next owner there was Mr. Lam Singh. This was a jolly man, and very affable. I can still remember his cheerful “Thank you, thank” spoken or more aptly described as “sung”. Mr. Lam later opened a larger store on Soquel Ave. where he cooked the most delicious pork roasts I ever had. Each weekend I would get one of those golden brown delights, cooked with a tasty sauce. My mother and I would enjoy that treat greatly, and I think it was priced at just 89 cents, or maybe it was 89 cents per pound. (This is after Ada was widowed)

Arthur Lam, the son of Lam Singh next took over the Bay and Mission store. He was another pleasant fellow, though not as jolly as his father. Later on he was joined by his sons Richard and Charley in operating the market.

The other nearby store was Coastway market at the corner of Mission and Olive streets. It was run by Jimmy Lim, another pleasant Chinese gentleman. He occasionally had a helper, but mostly ran the business alone. My first memory of that place was going there with my mother when I was about 5 year old. Ada suggested I select a treat, and I picked one. Jimmy said, “That one not for boy. It is for doggy!” I thought the cookies shaped like bones looked tasty, but settled for something else.

Most of the block on which this market stood was a grassy field. It was a great place for flying our kites, which would soar on the Westerly wind, toward Bay Street, clearing the power lines by a wide margin. Two young Chinese boys came to watch one day. They were accompanied by a fine looking German Shepherd dog. I asked the boys for the dog’s name. One answered, “Sofa”. I asked incredulously, “Sofa?” “What kind of name is that for a dog?” The boy answered, “Sofa, like Lone Ranger dog. Hi Yo Sofa, away!”

Ada always preferred Jimmy’s place. I think it was because he could understand her “Itanglish”, when she asked for “wan poun suppa mitte”. (One pound soup meat.)

Those were the days when one could buy from Jimmy a 9 inch Langendorf pie for 25 cents, and you got 5 cents back when you returned the pie plate. My favorite was pineapple pie. You never hear of those any more.

My latest memory of Jimmy Lim was a day when I entered the store, and found Jimmy listening to his radio, tears streaming down his face. He was hearing of the armies marching through his home town, led by one Mao Tze Dong. I’ll never forget the sorrow on Jimmy’s face that day.

Other stores run by Chinese people were the Canton Market and Harding Market, both on Pacific Avenue. They always had the best meats.

Another was Sam Wo Laundry on Pacific Avenue. Mr. Sam Wo was another wonderful Chinese gentleman who ran a very fine establishment and did good and speedy work. For a time, most of my white things, including shirts, sheets and pillowcases, etc. carried a small mark of the name “Bobbie”. Sam was the man who taught me to say, “Gung hey, fat choy!” (Happy New Year) with the proper intonation. This was a man with quiet manner, and a smile as serene as the Buddha.

Ivano, perhaps some of your readers will remember others who were of other places of origin, and who made lasting impressions. I would like to read their stories.

Thanks and best regards.

ivano said...

Here's more from Gino:

Ciao Ivano,

Reading your book for the second time straight through, I have noted things more carefully. This has had an even more profound and beneficial effect on me.

The gratitude I have of having been born in America, for instance, plus not having endured so many frightening or dangerous events such as you describe in THE BOOK are becoming deeply registered in my mind.

You describe having driven over a million miles and having been involved in two traffic accidents, one with severe injury.
I may have driven just as much as you in line of my jobs. First with Costella & Caiocca, then with Marr TV in Salem, Oregon followed by Teledyne Service in Portland, then Sears in Salem, etc. On the Portland job I had to fill the tank of the Dodge van every morning. With Sears I was doing up to 325 miles per day.

There were two accidents in which I was involved. In both cases, I was stopped at a controlled intersection, and was rear-ended by a car which was in turn rear-ended by another car. Very little damage was done to my vehicles, and on one incident I had a slightly sore shoulder for a time, but no other ill effects. On the latter event, I was in my Ford Ranger equipped with business radio, so I called the shop and asked for a policeman. I remember the driver of the offending car, sitting in a police van with a stupid smile on his face, and drunk as a skunk.

Well, there are so many things about which I would like to compare notes with you, but would be best done in person with lots of time to spend. I would dearly love to visit Santa Cruz again, and meet some of the others of our friends. I'd like to see the two houses that moved from il Golcio Rancio to Capitola. I'd like to see what Mission St. looks like now. I know my old house on Bay St. is still there. At least it was in 1992. Alas, I most likely will never get to do that.

I remember a time long ago, when my mother told me we were going to go see Baffi at the ranch. We walked there. It took hours, though much longer than necessary, as we stopped at all her friends along the way. It seems they all lived on the ocean side of the Coast Road. We stopped to see Amelia Rinaldi, Rina Rinaldi, Andreina Rodoni, and maybe others. I think this was before the Degli Esposti arrived. I can't remember what we did when we got to the ranch or how we got home again. Probably Costantino drove us all home in the old Ford in which I later learned to drive. (sort of)

Keep up the good work, Ivano.

Saluti Gino

Anonymous said...

Signora Norma,

Here are the names of a family which I had forgotten to list:

Ricci, Nello and Dora and their son Michael. Dora is the niece of Dante Ramacciotti. They lived in the Santa Cruz area for a time. I don't know if they are still there.

Saluti, Gino

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

I want to thank all of you who have (are) contributing to the 'La Nostra Costa Family Names' list. If it wasn't for your efforts, many of these names would soon be forgotten.

Hopefully,some of the Historical Societies (Italian, American,or otherwise) in Santa Cruz will take heed of your efforts. Remember that Gino's original list can be viewed by simply typing Italian Names, or Gino Campioni in the search space provided at the top of the Blagga.

Thanks again fellow "baggatori" and "sempre avanti".

Debra said...

Hello I think that it is wonderful that you have written your book. My parents were so excited to hear about the old days they love to hear from anyone that might know them or his parents Adolfo Lazzarini , Magdlena Lazzarini, his uncle Mario and and or Louie Lazzarini (my father) and Doris Lazzarini( my mother). Thank you so much, Debra Lazzarini

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Thanks Aileen: I hope you visit often and leave your comments. Most of the articles have been archived and can be retrieved by clicking on the year archived on the right hand of the screen. They also can be retrieved by using the search block at the top left hand corner of the main page. Just type in a name such as -Gino Campioni-, or words such as - Italian Dictionary - and those articles containing said names or words should pop-up. Let us know more about you. ivno

Ashley Hammond said...

I think I can provide some information on the Chiesa's. My husband's Grandmother is Ann (maiden name Chiesa). She was the caretaker's daughter at the Hitchcock's house in Santa Cruiz. I fell upon this blog as I was trying to research some of my husband's family history. Ann is living just outside of San Fransisco currently. Are these her relatives / or from her same town in Italy?

Ashley Hammond said...

My husbands grandmother is Ann Chiesa (Maiden name). She was the daughter of the caretakers for Alfred Hitchcock and who was best friends with Alfred Hitchcock's daughter. Her father (my husbands great grandfather is Giuseppe Chiesa. I stumbled upon this blog as I was trying to research his family history. Is this a link to his extended family / or the town his great grandparents came from?