Sunday, May 18, 2008

LA SHAVOLA (scia'vo la)


Shovel with wide blade - especially appropriate for lifting snow or coal
A shovel is a tool for lifting and moving loose material such as coal, gravel, snow, dirt, or sand. It is usually a hand tool consisting of a broad blade with edges or sides that is fixed to a medium-length handle. The term "shovel" is also applied to larger excavating machines, such as steam shovels, which are designed for the same purpose—lifting and moving material, see Loader (equipment).
Hand shovels have been adapted for many different tasks and environments. They can be optimized for a single task or designed as cross-over or compromise tools to perform multiple tasks. For example:
A coal shovel typically has a wide, flat blade with steeply turned sides, a flat face and a short D-shaped handle.
A snowshovel often has a very wide sideless blade that curves upward attached to a long, straight handle. It is designed as much for pushing the snow as for lifting it.
A spade is designed primarily for breaking up ("spading") clumps of soil. A spade usually has a point and is designed to be pushed into the soil with a foot. Spade blades usually have a rounded face without sharply upturned sides.
A gardening trowel is a small single-hand implement for breaking up clumps in soil. Gardening trowels typically have strong, narrow blades with sharp points.
An entrenching tool is a collapsible shovel designed for the military. It may have a spade-like point or even serrated edges for secondary use as an axe.
A regular, but dirty, spade shovel.
The traffic signs warning of a Work zone or Construction site generally show a person operating a shovel.
Toy shovels are common playthings on sandy beachs or in sandboxes.
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Some divine intervention in real estate
Akron Beacon Journal - 2 hours, 17 minutes agoRandy Moore jumped on the shovel with both feet, and the blade pierced the earth. ``It's supposed to be buried 8 inches deep and upside down,'' said Carla Herbert, owner of Harvest Home Realty, who has Randy and Beth Moore's $149,900 Cape Cod on the market.
Kids flourish as blossoms flower
Bar Harbor Times - Oct 09 10:25 PMTREMONT Tiny Alahna Mild wields a shovel almost as long as she is tall.

Son of Italian immigrants farms background for book
Santa Cruz Sentinel - Oct 09 5:08 AMWith shovel in hand and old-country hat on head, Ivano Comelli re-enacted a scene of what it was like to be an Italian farmer in Santa Cruz County at the start of the Depression in the late 1920s.

Rake now because snow is in the forecast

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Ivano Franco Comelli said...

For more fun with American Italianized words see:"Gino's Official Itanlish Dictionary" in the March 2007 Archives on this Blog. Or just type Italian Dictionary in search space provided at right hand corner of the front page of the blog. Ivano

Anonymous said...

You missed one.

Ow bow "shovel up to buvalo"?

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

So I asked anonymous what is a 'Buvalo". He answered back:

Ciao Ivano,

It was just a small joke. Un piccolo scherzo.
"Shuffle up to Buffalo". Maybe you are too young to remember that song. (I think it was a song.)


Dear anonimo: You're right I didn't know that one. However, I remember someone once telling me
to "Shavola uppa U.S." I told him that I couldn't do that because I lived on the West Coast.


Furlans de diaspore said...

I went back to the March 2007 post and read "Gino's Official Itanlish Dictionary". Very complete and interesting.
On the other hand, I would add that often when I speak in "Friulan" or "Italian" my speech is littered with "anyways, so, well, right, often... " And that alone gets me some blank stares when I am talking to "Italian only" people overseas.
Some people when speaking in Italian ( long time Italian-American native speakers ) will go to the extent of saying "morgaggio" instead of "mutuo" ( mortgage )"parkare" instead of "parcheggiare" ( parking )... "trucco" ( truck ) instead of " camion or furgone" and so on. You will find that in Italy too especially in Milan where they seem to be fond of mashing English words with Italian... that goes something like :
" Abbiamo raggiunto un "know how" tale da permetterci di raggiungere i nostri Target nelle nuove locations".

Take care and keep blogging.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Hei Norman: My Italian dictionary has the following words for trouble: problemi;difficolta,agitazione
disordini, conflitti and pasticci.

Isn't "Trobolo" a much better word which incompasses all the above and can be understood internationally?

Along these same lines, I will always remember by father responding to the traditional "Happy New Year" greeting, with a resounding "Twenty-two." Come to think of it, it does sound like "the same to you"

Ow bow dat! ivno

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that my name is getting so much publicity, although I pronouce it
Scia vo'la,with the accent on the second syllable.

Jim Sciavola, Maryland

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

"Suffering 'scia-voh'-lahs' ", I knew you all were out there, somewhere. Let's hear from you 'Shavolas". ivn0

Anonymous said...

My heavens. Ivano, you seem to get more handsome as you get older. Holding that shavola like that,makes you look so earthy. Reminds me of my 'bello' who worked that orchard in San Jose. He used to roll up his sleeves like that. Them were the days my friend. Salute a tutti.

Carolina 'Carrie' Cariola

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carrie. You know what they say about an old bottle of wine.
Earthy. Now that's a descriptive word. Reminds me of 'Pattume'.

Canadian Furlan said...

Hey Su per La Costa.. Ivano and West Coast Friends... I am back. It's been a while. Yes the words keep Il Caro instead of car and una bagga .. instead of a bag... or un saccheto... The Italians are great with their Italianese. They convert everything over... like instead of Cake, in Italian Torta.... they say un caka... in Italian una cecca is a small chicken. The other thing that my parents experienced when they arrived to Canada was when they went to update or obtain documents they would give their names and person behind the desk would say "How do you spell it?" They were shocked because back in Friuli to spellare.. is what you do to the pig before butchering it.. Furthermore in Italia/Friuli if you don't know how to spell you are considered backwards because Italian is written phonetically, as it sounds is how you write it..
Good to be back... going away end of June for my last stint of University will be in contact a little less frequently but always there in spirit...
Ciao e Mandi


ivano said...

Good to hear from you Canadian Furlan. We missed you. Yes, the Italians were quite creative and even funny with their English words. Even more funny was (is) when they translated their Italian words back into English.

For instance the word "macchina" which they often used when referring to the Automobile. When speaking "English" they would often refer to the automobile as the machine. (See La Nostra Costa, page 65, for a very funny story re: Officer Jim Emmons vs the 'Machine' ivno