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Ivano (right) with Andrew and Jean Hsu on their mushroom farm 'nel buco' on the Gulch Ranch, located on the Coast Road, 2.5 miles north of Santa Cruz. Ivano practically grew up 'nel buco' (in the hole).

Ivano will be making a presentation at the Santa Cruz Museum of Arts and History on
Saturday, Oct 11, from 10:00a-1200n. Hope to see you there.

Borrowed the announcement below from the Santa Cruz Sentinel website:

Researchers Anonymous: La Nostra Costa
Saturday, Oct 11 10:00a to 12:00p
at, Santa Cruz, CA
Join Ivano Comelli, author of La Nostra Costa for a lecture and discussion about the history and development of Davenport and the North Coast. Location: MAH Auditorium, 10am
Price: free/donations welcome
Phone: (831) 429-1964
Event Web Site
Age Suitability: 18 and up
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Join Ivano Comelli, author of La Nostra Costa for a lecture and discussion about the history and development of Davenport and the North Coast. Location: MAH Auditorium, 10am
Event Web Site
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Creator: tmyers


Ivano Franco Comelli said...

For those of you who have not read 'La Nostra Costa' I guess I should explain the phrase 'nel buco' (in the hole). Il Buco (The Hole) was a section of a ravine that cut through the Gulch Ranch from the foothills on the east to the Pacific Ocean on the west. Il Buco was were the old barn and cookhouse were located. My mother and father put in many hours in the old barn cleaning Brussel Sprouts or in the cookhouse eating and/or cooking meals. My father (or mother) would often say: "Oggi lavoro nel buco" (Today, I am working in the hole.) Since my parents spent many of their workday hours 'nel buco', naturally my brother John and I, spent a great deal of time there ('nel buco') also.

Got it? Sempre Avanti ivn0

Janis (r said...

I found your site by accident..I was for some reason trying to see if Fabby Degli Esposti had a website, I am a distant relative.
My grandparents were Amelia and Joe Rinaldi from the Coast. My father, Vasco and mother Eleanor. Eleanor is still living and in Watsonville.
The (Italian Family Name) list brought back many memories..a lot of the people mentioned were at my first wedding in 1969. My father threw a big Italian wedding at St Patricks in Watsonville.
Jimmy Dal Porto played his accordian!
The only other relatives of mine that I don't believe I saw on the list were Erma and Rico Malatesta (my grandparents on my moms side). He was a cook at the old Hotel in SC. They lived on Laurel Street. They had Eleanor, my mom, Nancy and Marie who died at age 16 from appendecitis. What is very interesting is that my middle name is after her, Marie and when I was 16 I was rushed to the hospital with an almost burst appendix and it was Marie's birthday!!! Very strange.

Also, I didn't see any of the Castagnola group in there.
Renee and Fred and their sons Al and Bobby. All are departed except for Bob who lives in Santa Cruz.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

To Janis (Rinaldi)Robinson: Thanks for contacting me through my La Nostra Costa "Blagga".
And thanks for your name updates. I can always update "Blagga" entries. A helpful hint as how to navigate the "Blagga": In the upper left hand corner of the page is a search space.
Type in a name or group of words, and any articles that contain said name or words should pop-up. For instance you may want to read about the Degli Esposti
Family. Type in Degli Esposti and all the ariticles written that contain the name Degli Esposti will pop up. Similar with the name Rinaldi. I
recently posted Neva (Rinaldi) Oneto's Remembrance on the Blog.

I also have a website: . On it I
have listeed a number of websites where you can order the book.
If you are living in the Santa Cruz Area, I believe that the book can still be obtained at the Agnes Dei Christian Store on Walnut Avenue, Bookstore Santa Cruz on Pacific Avenue and the Capitola Cafe BookStore on 41st Avenue.

The easiest way to order is to phone my publisher (toll free):
1-888-280-7715 or go to their website at
You can view the book thru their Bookstore link. Also any major bookstore will be glad to order "La Nostra Costa" for you.

I remember all the names you mentioned and I speak of the Rinaldis Rodonis and Degli Espostis in the book. They were all related in one way
or another and played a big part in the La Nostra Costa Story. Again thanks for contacting me and keep in touch . Ivano

BTW: I will be giving a presentation at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and
History on Front Street in Santa Cruz on Saturday Oct 11 from 10:00 PM to 12:00N. If you are in the area, please drop in. Admission is free.

Janey Malatesta Leonardich said...

Hello, Like Janis, I too found you by accident. And stange too, Janis is related to me. Her nono, Rico Malatesta and my nono, Armando Malatesta were cousins. My nono and nona, Paolina, farmed on Beach Road in Watsonville. They had 3 children, Andrew(my father), Louie and Ada. All are gone now. In reading your blog is see many familier names and places. I have seen your documentry on Davenport on tv. I'm related to the Olimpio family of Davenport on my husband's side of the family. Encarnation Olimpio was by mother-om-law Bernice's sister. What a small world. The memories you have brought to me are fantastic. Thank you..

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Hello Janey: Thanks for your kind comments. Malatesta and Olimpio are two Family names much renowned "su per la costa". I think I rode the bus (Old No 2) to the Schools in Santa Cruz with a couple of the Olimpios.

If you live near-by, come see me at the Porter Memorial Library in downtown Soquel(across the street from the Post Office) on Jan 14 at 10:30AM. I'ld love to meet you. Ivno