Thursday, January 29, 2009


Marvin Del Chiaro (in his official Roaring Camp Conductor's Uniform), wife Elaine and little Cameron. (Photo courtesy of Marvin Del Chairo).

Hi everyone, I think most of you know that our grandson Cameron, now six years old, injured his eye late in December, 2006.He's been undergoing numerous eye surgeries over the past two years, and we are grateful that he has not lost his eye, so far; his sight has not been restored, but we are also grateful that he can detect something moving (much like you would detect if you had your eyes closed on a sunny day, and some object crossed your field of vision). He plays a great game of soccer, and finished his first year in Little League T-Ball. Recently, it became obvious that he was also having difficulty breathing through his nose, and his doctors could not specifically determine if he was born that way, or if the fall also damaged his nasal septum. This morning, Cameron underwent a rather lengthy surgical procedure at Stanford Medical Center's Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, to correct the problem; the surgeon (the head of pediatric surgery) said that the septum was definitely damaged by the fall, and he was able to reconstruct/repair the damage. He's home, resting well, and now the challenge is to keep him quiet for a month; he can walk around, but no physical activity.............which is like asking a Brahma bull not to buck. Please join me in praying for Cameron to listen to his parents............... Let me take this opportunity, on my, Elaine's and all the family's behalf, to personally thank you all for your concern, prayers, good wishes, and encouragement during these past two years. God Bless You all. Marv
The above is a recent photo of Marv taken in Capitola, soon after he attended the Porter Memorial Library Presentation in Soquel. Marv failed to mention it, however, he has just undergone major surgery himself.
Marv is the one on your right (without his official conductor's uniform.) Also included in the photo (l-r): Sgt. Peter Graves (SJPD Retired), his wife Vera, Ivano,
Dolores Contreras (SJPD Retired) and Marv. (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Peter Graves.)

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