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In a little Friulian Village, circa 1920 (when poor people did not have electricity), something spooky was going on in the family home. In the attic of their house a frightful noise was heard late at night. Because it was very dark up there, no one had the courage to into the attic to check out the noise. In the daytime they did check it out by climbing a wooden ladder that led to the ceiling attic door. They looked around and found everything in perfect order. The corn, potatoes, beans and many other things that the family kept in storage were still there. Nothing was stolen. This frightened them to no ends. They began thinking that demonic spirits had inhabited their attic.
The Reverend Monsignor from a neighboring village was called upon to perform a special ritual to bless the house and to clear it of the demons. This did not help. Late at night the demons continued to do their thing in the attic.
Sadly, the family decided that they had enough of the late night noises. They put the house up for sale. Thinking that they would have a hard time selling the place because of the ghosts in their attic, they listed it for sale at a very reasonable price.
To their surprise a person from their village met their price and bought the house. The family moved out and (surprise-surprise) the demons in the attic were never heard of again.
The question in the village then was: were there actually ghosts up in that there attic or was it "he who had bought the house" the mischief maker?
Many believed that the wise guy buyer had snuck into the house after dark and made all those rattling sounds in the attic. Thus, they said, he bought himself a very nice Friulian house at a very reasonable price.
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"
Anon Furlana
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Ivano Franco Comelli said...

According to Anon this story is suppose to be a true happening and was told to her as a child growing up in a Friulian Village. Being only a child at the time -- this story scared her half to death. Thanks Anon for your "storia spaventousa".

Canadian Furlan said...

Ivano "Mio Caro Amico Furlan". I am certain there is more to this story. Who is Anon Furlana? And what village in Friuli does this "Diavolo" noise originate from? I heard a few of them from my dear Nonna Giovanna !! She oftened mentioned about women being a strega !! be-witched... Friuli has a million of them... let me know...
Ciao !!



You are right there is more to the story than meets the eye, however, Anon will only say that she was born in a small village near Udine and came to the US after WWII. The village in question re: the demons, was Cergneu, also near Udine.
BTW: The house in the photo is the former house of Giovan del Losk (my Grandfather) in Nimis, Italy. As I write in LNC, my father had the second floor built when he returned to Italy in 1931.
Most of the damage to the house was done by the earthquake in 1977. My cousin Lucia and her husband are currently renovating the house. ivno

Canadian Furlan said...

Ivano "Mio Caro Amico Furlan"
Cergneu is very close to Nimis!! It would be interesting to find out what village Anon originated from in Udine.
That is a nice photo of your Grandfather's House. They must have been very proud of Bronco returning home from l'America after 8 years of hard work saving his money to fix Nonno's house!! I can see Bronco must have been real down to earth individual !!
I love listening to these old stories. I recall living in my Nonno's house back in Pasian di Prato Udine and finding a large quantity of bottles corked with some sort of liquid. So I took a bottle to show my Zia Gusta, she told me that they were bottles of Holy Water brought back by my Nonno from Lourdes France !! My zia warned me not to drink the water since it was very old and had been sitting in the attic for more than thirty years. She said it would do you more harm than help !! My Nonno had a very strong Religious Faith and since he had experienced some tragedies in life he became extremely close to his faith! The attic was a large walk-in type with a full set of stairs. It was riddled with old items dating back many years from my Great Grandfather. I never went up there during the night ... Too many shadows and creaky floorboards. As a child your mind played games with you.

Ciao e Mandi

Canadian Furlan said...

Sorry I forgot to mention about the Earth Quake in Friuli it occurred on May 6 , 1976 major distruction in certain areas of Friuli .. here is a site for further explanations

Ciao e mandi


carolina Cariola said...

Oh my! What a scary story. You know those ghost might have followed that family to another house. They sometimes get attached to them. I love that "What evil lurks" part. That was my favorite radio program when I was growing up. With radio you had to use your imagination to form a mental picture as to what was happening. I always Imagined that the "Shadow" was Lamont Kranstan in drag. Of course I was rather advanced for my age.
Anon Keep those stories coming. Chow-Chow, for now. Carrie

Pat Polentoni said...

The Shadow in Drag???? Now that takes the cake. I don't know where those ghosts went, but I do know where all those bats went--- into Carrie's Belfry!! P/P

carolina cariola said...

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. As I recall you had the perfect figure for a "drag-queen". Bats in your belfry, Polenta-Head.

Anonymous said...