Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thanks To: Everybody for showing up despite the rain. A special thanks to those who brought a side dish and/or wine to share. It complimented the exquisite cuisine prepared ‘Bear’ and his Swanton Berry Farm Staff. And thanks to all who made generous donations to off-set our costs.

As you can see from the photos, our plans to have an outdoor ‘picanica’ were dashed by la pioggia (the rain). We took it inside and had an old fashion ‘cookahousa’festa. It reminded me of the times we went to the Rodoni Ranch (La Nostra Costa,page 201) ‘cookahousa’ on one or more of the holidays, and Andreina Rodoni cooked a fabulous meal for the ranceri
and invited family friends. We, kids and all. crowded around the tables to gorge ourselves with the delicious food. Then we would entice Bronco, my father, to sing some Italian songs. Unfortunately, the “Old Rancere” doesn't possess Bronco’s great singing voice; however, with the aid of an “Italian Sing-Along” record he attempted to sing and emulate Bronco’s gestures, etc. Hopefully, he was able to entertain you all and give you a sense how it was inside the ‘old cookahousa' su per la costa.

Again thanks to one and all for being there. Your presence help make “La Nostra Costa Days Revival II” a great success. Hopefully, we will have better weather for LNCD Revival III. Then we can have that ‘picanica’.

Sempre Avanti con la historia della Nostra Costa (Our Coast). ivno

BTW: Peter McGettigine was there to video tape the Event for Santa Cruz Community TV. Those of you who do not live in the Santa Cruz Community TV area, might want to entice some friends who do live in the area to video tape it for you when it airs.


LIDO said...

Dear Ivano,

Thank you for inviting me ( To LNCD Revival II)! And congratulations on what you are doing; it’s great!

I too really enjoyed my time sitting at the table with everyone, especially your aunt Lina, her friend Nunni and your brother, Johnny! Please let them know how much I enjoyed it. It was wonderful.

Best wishes for continued success, and warmest regards,



Ivan, We had a good time and learned a lot and are looking forward to Revival III. My grand parents on my mothers side emigrated from Pula in North East Italy on the Istria peninsula and settled in Salinas and later in San Martin. My mother and grandmother always made the best raviolas (a two or three day process).


David SCHS Class of '55

LaPATRICIA said...

Hi, Ivano....
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon....the weather made it cozy, don't you think? Everyone seemed to have a good time.
I think this was the best reunion yet of yours that I've been have such humility and grace, and today it really did shine through. I wish you good luck on your script. I have a really good feeling that something positive will happen with it.


Ivano (Ivanovo),

Good show! We had lots of fun. I noticed your Aunt especially liked your singing.

Jerry K. SCHS Class of "55

BILL SCHS CLASS OF '56 said...

Hi Iv,
Looked like a good turnout considering the rain. I had to leave a little early due to a late afternoon family get-together. It was interesting to be in that area; I hadn't been up the coast road since I worked at the cement plant one summer back in our college days.
Bill SCHS Class of '56


Hey, Ivano: What a great Day. Let it rain, let it rain. The 'cookahousa' festa is the way to go. Great Food and Great Folks. And tell the Old Rancere that he put on a great show.
BTW: I was glad to see the Kerricks there and Cathy too.
Bet they didn't know who I was.
Sempre Avanti. SS

LaROSA said...

Thanks Ivano, Mom (Nunni) really enjoyed it and I was very happy to be able to make the tail end. Looked like all had a good time!

We'll look forward to bocci in the spring!


Ivano Franco Comelli said...

Thank you, LaRosa. And please thank your mother for me. She, along with Zia Lina, really helped
the Old Rancere by singing along to those "OLd Italian" Favorites.

Your idea of a Bocci Ball get together at the Farm is a good one. When the weather gets nicer --
NO MORE Pioggia, we'll get together with 'Bear" and work it out. He likes the idea. SA

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how sorry I was not to be a part of This Great Event, but time, weather, and energy just did not permit.
Please keep me posted on the next gathering.
Thanks again,
Norma (Cantarutti) Reiter

IVANO said...

Norma: You missed a great presentation by your brother Lido. The "Old Rancere" liked it so much that he honored Lido
by presenting him with the much coveted "Rusty Zappa" award. ivn0

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Ivano, what was the 'Rusty Zappa' award all about.
I should have been there, then I would have known.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

The "Rusty Zappa" = Rusty Hoe. It was used by me (not the same one) to hoe weeds that
grew in-between the sprout plants --a mindless, boring job. The job was never ending. After I finished one row of sprouts, there always was another row waiting to be weeded.

Since Lido confessed to the audience that he failed miserably in his one and only attempt to be a rancher (one summer, c. 1960), he was a worthy recipient -- don't you think? SA ivno

JERRY M. SCHS '55 said...

Congratulations, Ivan, on putting on a great production! Nice that everyone had a great time. JM SCHS '55

ALVERDA said...

In spite of the rain the program went off beautifully. I got 2 referrals for my next season (Davenport-Coast Road TV Programing) which I am calling "Ranch History", and one possibility for Bonny Doon history.


Oh Ivano: I'm so sorry I missed your event. I was going to come,
but it was raining, and the roads can be so dangerous up the coast.
It looks like eveyone had a good time. Hopefully, I will be there for La Nostra Costa III. Carrie


Enjoyed the note/pictures - looks like you had a good turn out.
Take good care and keep up the good work. Lea

IVANO said...

Thanks Lea: Your cousin Jim
did a good job in reviewing the Ceragioli-Fistolera History "su per la costa". He was a little off in describing the romance
between his sister Barbara and the "Old Rancere". Memories seem to get fuzzy "as time goes by".

LaNORMA AND AL said...


It was a great event and everyone gave good input on it. For some of the ladies it was their First time at this type of thing and really enjoyed it.

Keep me (us) posted on what is happening. Sounds like you may have some good contacts going for your script.

Did you happen to see the foto we had on the board of the Gulch Ranch??

Great job – great event – you did great – great teamwork – and Bear and his group certainly did
A magnificent job.

Ciao per ora – sempre avanti – LaNorma and Al



Nice LNC shinding! Weather didn't dampen spirits.

I sat next to a person who goes by the name of "J". (He is associated with the "Slow Coast" organization.) After I stood up during your presentation of our script he whispered to me that he could help us with further contacts. He mentioned that he has recently met with Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio and someone else of stature in the business (name I have forgotten...senior moments). On documentaries he worked with these biggies and others who are concerned about the future of oceans. He also said that he knows of several good literary agents in L.A. Apparently he spoke with you afterward. Seems to me to be a really nice guy who was genuinely willing to help us.

Ivano Franco Comelli said...

O Great Derriccho: Yes indeed I did meet and talk to "J" after our presentation. (He even bought a copy of "La Nostra Costa".)I will be in contact with him. "J' is part of a new generation who is interested in the future of "La Costa". I am encourage by this and also by the attendance of serveral of the younger people who seem to be very interested in our history.
BTW: "The Slow Coast" people are very supportive of Organic Farming.
I pointed out to "J" that the 'Ranceri' of the 1920s and 30s
were the original organic farmers "su per la costa", spreading all that organic pattume
on the coastal plains. Ivno


Anonymous said...

Dear Ivano:

Thank yu so very much for letting me know about your appearance at the Davenport Festival. I do appreciate your thinking of me and hope you let me know of other times when you will be appearing. I enjoyed the book and the stories in it. Colleen


Hey Ivano: Johnny C. here. I was going to come to your la costa fest. Instead
I went to 49er vs. Raider game. Should've come to your Event. Would have been more fun.

sue said...

If anyone is interested, I have some family photos of the Scaroni Ranch from the 20's through the
50's. My family went every Sunday to visit the beach, rock fish, and sit in the kitchen with Bill, Arnold, Johnny and Katy.

Sooo many fond memories. I hope to make it next year to your reunion.

Sue Goodwin Girard

susansales535 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net