Friday, October 01, 2010


My Grandson, Kristian (photo above) reminds us that that LA NOSTRA COSTA (OUR COAST) DAYS REVIVAL II is just around the corner - Sunday, October 17, from 1-4PM, at Jim Cochron's Swanton Berry Farm:

Remember that this historic setting is a working ranch, so wear your best rancher's clothes (hats and 'shavolas' are optional'). Food will be served; however, if you wish you can bring your own 'picnicka' basket with your favorite wine. Also if you have a favorite dish you want to share, please do so. So, come along and enjoy a fun day, of food, music and stories as told by his friend the "Old Rancere". And don't forget that Lido Cantarutti, Director of the Italian Film Festival will be our special guest. In the meantime enjoy some of the photos taken at "La Nostra Costa Days Revival I. For further info and photos scroll down this "Blagga" Page ( )


Anonymous said...

Ciao Ivano,

Thanks for putting those great pictures on the "Blagga" today.

Could you add the names of all those people? I think I may know some of them,
but after all these years, I only recognize a few.

Thanks and Sempre Avanti.


IVANO said...

OKIE Dokie, Gino. Starting at the top: Kristian, my Grandson,
next Davenport Historian, Alverda Orlando and the "Old Rancere" (OR), next (by herself) Ls Norma (Norma Dinelli Wilson). Next part of my family,l-r, Grandson Andrew, daughter Madeline (holding Grinder - DA Dog), my grandson Michel Ivano, and OR.
Next in line is Augie Gemignani's
daughter Donna and OR. Next are Anna Petroni and her Granson. No OR. Next standing with OR is Joe Brovia's sister, Lina Brovia Castiglioni (on the left) and Cathy Brovia (Joe Brovia's widow). Next is a group photo of my SCHS Class of '55 classmates,
(l-r)Donald Binsacca, Jerry Mungai,OR and Florence Bianco Bell.
Of course the last photo at the bottom is my buddy and fellow "rancere" Roberto Degli-Esposti. SA Ivno

GINO said...

Grazie Ivano. Thanks for the explanation of the people in the photos. I thought I recognized some.
Notably Anna (Petroni) Orsolini, Donna, figliola di Costantino Gemignani, e naturalmente Roberto Degli Esposti.

All those people look so wonderful! I wish I could be with all of you for your coming reunion, but alas, that is
impossible for me. I'll be there in spirit, though, along with Baffi, Bronco, Dante, Luigi and all the others.

Best wishes to all of you.


IVANO said...

Bravo, Gino. You filled in all the blanks. BTW: The lady in the background in the Anna Petroni Orsolini and Grandson photo is Thelma Micossi Gill, daughter of Frank and Pina Micossi who were part owners of the Hotel Italia in Davenport. I believe that Thelma may be the last living witness of the actual burning of the Hotel D'Italia in 1945. SA ivno


1. For those of you coming from the San Jose, Los Gatos Area. Take Hwy 17 to Santa Cruz. Merge right on Hwy 1 going towards Half Moon Bay. Turn right at Mission Street (Hwy 1)through Santa Cruz. Proceed North on Hwy 1 to Davenport. Go approximately 2 miles north of Davenport to the intersection of Hwy 1 and the Swanton Road. Stay on Hwy 1 and travel north about 500 ft. and turn right at the first driveway. Drive to parking area.
(Big Signs advertising Organic Farm on Hwy 1 will alert your approach).

2. From San Francisco, Half Moon Bay,Pescadero Areas travel south on Hwy 1. The Farm will be located on your left about 20 miles south of Pescadero just north of the Hwy 1 Swanton Road intersection. If you see the big AMEX Cement Plant on your left, you have gone too far. Turn around and follow directions #1. above.

3. If you are going by boat, get off at Davenport Landing and wade ashore. The Farm is located walking distance from the Landing.

Sempre Avanti e Buona Fortuna